R1T and Mountain Biking


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Aug 3, 2022
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Pleasanton, CA
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R1T and 4-Runner
Any other mountain bikers on here?

The R1T seems like the perfect vehicle for it:
  • The bike in the bed, with the gear guard and bed camera for security
  • The frunk for all of the gear I normally carry
  • The gear tunnel for holding a slide out fridge (if it isn't an option, I'll make it myself)
  • The other side of the gear tunnel for holding tools / spares / repair stand / etc
  • An air compressor for keeping bike tires full
  • Ground clearance for remote trailheads
  • Plenty of torque for crossing 12,000 ft mountain passes
  • Room for all of the above plus four adults and four bikes for weekends away or day trips far enough that we carpool
I typically use hitch racks (1up for the last couple of years), and while I won't throw that out, I'll probably switch over to a tailgate pad. It seems like the bed cam and gear guard are pushing in this direction.

The shuttle system mentioned for the camp kitchen seems like it would be useful for tools and the fridge. Like many others, I'm hoping this is sold as a standalone option, of course if Rivian decides to offer the accessories I want, that works for me.

Coming up with a hot water system will also be ideal. I've carried water with 12V pumps in the past for cleaning myself and the bike off, and taking advantage of the battery pack to heat water for doing the same, maybe even with enough water capacity to double as a minimalist outdoor shower, would be worth the effort.

More to come as additional accessories become available over the next few months.

What do you think? Ideas on other accessories or customizations to support mountain biking? If you think the R1S would be better, I don't blame you - I have a large SUV now, and it does have it's advantages. I like being able to carry bikes inside the SUV on long trips and fit a full size air mattress for solo camping.
I just put a DaKine Curve Small on my Rivian and fits/works awesome. The cover doesn’t affect any sensors or cameras, but the bike wheel does (specialized 29er MTB) when in reverse. Bike fits in the bed, doesn’t slide around and its awesome to have the locking capabilities with the gear guard cable. I also have the Kuat trailer hitch so I can go either way if I need the trunk space for trips where I’m hauling camping gear etc.