1. OverZealous

    Official (Operational) Rivian Service Centers List Released by Rivian

    They finally added a list of official service centers! Still a giant void in my area. Just checked. Officially I'm about 4.5 hours from either Normal or Cleveland if they have to fix something. I'm hoping that...
  2. dieselsan

    It’s broken - Rivian Service/Repair experience… A for effort, B+ Grade Overall

    See UPDATES below Took delivery of R1T launch edition yesterday. All good. Heck, thrilling! This is a dream come true, really, an amazing truck and I ?? for everyone to experience this soon yourselves. [Caveat - below is supplied in effort to share and be helpful, not critical. This is a brand...
  3. EyeOnRivian

    RJ and Charles provide more on Rivian service and other topics

    YT channel TFLnow conducted separate interviews with RJ and Charles Sanderson, VP of Vehicle Integration and Development, during the private event recently held in Denver, CO. Of the topics discussed was a big one, IMO and I'm sure others, servicing. Still lacking specifics but RJ and Charles...