Any vehicle that is comparable to Rivian ?


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Sep 30, 2021
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So Cal
Tesla Model S, Telluride, T-Bird, R1S on Preorder
I'm in the same spot, 9/21 R1T preorder, with a Lyriq reservation. I'd rather have the R1T, not sure I $20k want it more, the way I want it optioned. Tax incentives may play a factor as well. I doubt I would take the Lyriq (first half of 2022?) and then the R1T about a year later, my current vehicles should last a few years.
I might get the Lyriq as it is essentially the same size and interior capacity of my 2018 Model S 75D to replace the Tesla. By that point, I will be out of the 4yr warranty (still have 4 more yrs on battery and power train). No real 0-60 specs on Lyriq yet, but I'm sure its somewhere around 5 sec or so. I can forgo 1 sec of 0-60 performance for something that has more range and more features than the MS. If used vehicle values stay elevated then I also might be able to sell my Model S to cover a good chunk of the cost of the Lyriq. Finally, this is all predicated on the fact that the Cadillac dealer doesn't last minute try to put the screws to me and tack on some ridiculous ADM. For $60K, the Lyriq is a good value, for much more, not so much. I plan on replacing my Telluride with the R1S when my preorder eventually is available. I'm thinking late 22 (early 23) at this point.