1. Sojhinn

    Premium Charger v2: Just Snap It In

    Howdy all! I wanted to give everyone a heads up on what's been cooking in s00nish labs (my classroom). Take a look at this: order here: https://s00nish.com/products/click-n-charge-premium-wireless-phone-charger-for-rivian-r1t-r1s Install video here: Basically this has been cooking...
  2. EveryAmp

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales Start NOW - Save up to 15% @ EveryAmp.com

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are now available! Don't miss out on your chance to save up to 15% by using coupon code BFCM15 at checkout. Shop today at: https://www.EveryAmp.com Sale ends 11/30/2023. Excludes replacement parts.
  3. BronxBomber

    California Sold: $100 Shipped - s00nish Premium Phone Charger w/Bamboo & Black Ash Plates

    Selling s00nish charger without MagSafe pucks. Includes both Bamboo & Black Ash Plates (Bamboo didn't fit my interior as much as I thought, so purchased the Black Ash separately). $125 shipped within the US. https://s00nish.com/premium-phone-charger-for-rivian-r1t-r1s/
  4. twraps

    Dual Wireless Charger (MagSafe Compatible) by TWRAPS - Flash sale 15% off

    Hey folks We're doing a 2 days flash sale until the end of the weekend for our Dual Wireless Charger for Rivian. This is a MagSafe compatible charger that works great with iPhone 12 and up. You can use coupon code PHONEJUICE - 15% off, flash sale expires on April 24 / 2023...
  5. Sojhinn

    Our new Classic Charging Plate Now a Free Download!

    https://s00nish.com/products/charging-plate-printable-file Howdy all! As you can see in the link above we have decided to offer our classic charging plate as a free download for you to print at home. This is an update of our original design, it's made to be easier to print and should result in...
  6. twraps

    V2 MagSafe Charger by TWRAPS

    Hey folks I am happy to announce our v2 MagSafe charger for the R1T and R1S. The differences from v1 being: 1. It's now made with our own custom designed MagSafe pucks where both pucks join together with a single cable 2. We now have skins so you can customize the looks It's available right...
  7. Sojhinn

    First Look at Premium Charging Plate

    Link to order: https://s00nish.com/premium-rivian-phone-charger/ Link to install: Installed: Hi everybody! I wanted to show off our latest charging plate design. This is still being developed but I want people to be aware of what's coming down the pipeline. Basically our Premium Plate...