What would you like to see on your new Rivian or from the Rivian company??

So I’m creating this as a place for discussion where we can all post things we’d like to see in our new Rivian or from the Rivian company.

Hopefully/ Maybe RJ’s people will look at this list we create and add or tweak some of these if they haven’t already put them into the final production plans!!!
Feel free to add whatever you want or comment about knowing if something is already in their plans.

Happy posting Future Owner friends!!
Things I want to see on R1T:
  • Bright rear fog lights for outdoor activities
  • Keyless /card entry for sports/surfing etc not requiring me to carry a key/fob
  • Cam’s Front/rear/sides with recording capability to identify those who may harm our vehicles (Sentry mode)
  • Heated steering wheel & side view mirrors
  • Heads up display
  • Ability to change color of interior lighting
  • Racks are already an option included but I hope they are locking. And attachments for different sports
  • Cameras in side the production facility so that I can watch my truck I ordered being built as it goes through the assembly line with Notifications emailed to me when it is about to pass through the next stage so I can view it on that camera. And Progress notifications as well. Keep the excitement going
  • Some kind of reward program for us that have pre-ordered. Also early stock options should Rivian go public.
  • A referral program for us as we are the ones telling EVERYONE about Rivian !!!


I really like your 8th and 10th suggestions. Having a camera in the production facility for early pre-order customers to be able to watch their vehicles built to completion would be very cool and interactive for customers, as well as puts a little good pressure for production to be steady and efficient.

I would really like to see very interactive use of all the cameras on the vehicles. A live vehicle monitoring system to check the conditions the vehicle is parked in or if there are any disturbances near or with the vehicle a notification alerts owners and lets them stream into a live video of what is happening. A more hands on and advanced version of Tesla's sentry mode meets baby monitoring for your baby (new Rivian)!


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Big sunroof.

Head up display.

Great sound system.

I’d love to see the back window roll down completely but I don’t think that can happen with the gear tunnel.

Dc outlets in the bed. I see the ac outlet but no dc. Dc is more efficient for powering compatible devices as you don’t need to power and cool an ac adapter. Fridge, freezer, cpap, lights, will all chew up less battery using DC.

Love to see a factory cap option for the bed.

Every mirror on the thing autodimming.

Power steering wheel with memory.

Massaging seats.

Remote cool/heat via app while still charging (or not).

Factory winch.
Heated steering wheel
power adjustable (with memory) steering wheel & pedals - my wife is only 5' tall :)
adjustable rack height - low rack height for over the cab and a higher bar for the back of the bed for holding kayaks, etc.
low mounted driving/fog lights (I can never get too much light out in front!)


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A referral program for us as we are the ones telling EVERYONE about Rivian !!!
YES! I've lost count the number of people I've told about Rivian EAVs. I might have to stop in case Rivian comes out with a referral program. (kiddin')

Off the top of my head (meaning I'll probably be back to update a few times ;) ) ...
  • Full-size spare tire option for R1S. Even if it means carving section out of the frunk along with anchor points
  • Vehicle entry: keyless (keypad and/or card), fob and smartphone app
  • Robust smartphone app
  • Cameras that can also record for security purposes when vehicle is parked / not moving
  • Heated and cooled seats
  • "Camper mode" to run climate control when camping in the vehicle cabin
  • HEPA cabin filter system
  • Onboard route planner sensitive to location, distance, accessibility and status of DC fast charging stations
  • Regen braking option to switch from accelerator to brake pedal along with selectable levels of regen
  • Since frunk is so deep/large, a front lift-gate for easy loading/unloading
  • Proximity detector of some-sort that will auto-open frunk lid - handy when carry large loads and both hands not available to open frunk
  • 110v/USB outlets and air compressor available on R1S like on the R1T
  • Rearview mirror can switch to rearview "display" for when view through cabin and/or bed is obstructed
  • Side view mirrors retract when vehicle parked/off
  • Running boards (no preference if they retract or not)
  • Let's see, what else ...



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Weather resistant wire hookups for external LED light bars. It would be nice, if even as an option, to have the wiring pre-installed for light bars and other light accessories.


I love the idea of a route planner that identifies charging stations along the way. Show me where to stop for lunch and potty breaks for a quick recharge. An electric adventure won't be much fun if I run out of electricity.


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Heated steering wheel
power adjustable (with memory) steering wheel & pedals - my wife is only 5' tall :)
adjustable rack height - low rack height for over the cab and a higher bar for the back of the bed for holding kayaks, etc.
low mounted driving/fog lights (I can never get too much light out in front!)
Brian mentioned that there will be an extended height rail for the bed that will match the height of the low rails when installed on the roof, making it easier to carry larger loads like sheet rock or 2x4s.


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More powerful onboard charger for vehicles with the 180 KW pack
I don't think this is a Rivian limitation, but rather a source limitation. 220V 50A is a common source. Anything higher than that is likely required to have custom installation and would have its own charger.

Alan Burns

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Don't forget while traversing USFS lands and most state forest lands there is a requirement every vehicle carry an axe, shovel and bucket in case there is a fire. I have been using some US Army surplus equipment for almost 50 years since they are utilitarian, compact and rugged. Perhaps there is a way to find securement in the cargo tunnel or frunk.

Pee bottle? It is Montana, every bush off the side of the road is a unisex restroom especially with an entrenching tool.


I am interested in lease programs for Rivian. I will probably have 3-5 units by the time I upgrade. Obviously conserving cash makes sense for me.

I hope the order process has a lot of stand alone options instead of expensive packages like the Domestic cars/trucks. This allows us to have the vehicle we want without the "Fluff", will keep the cost down.
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Since we are dealing with a clean sheet approach, I would love to see someone finally integrate the GPS/map functionality with weather radar forecasting. Let the user configure a route from point A to point B and show projected weather radar along the route. Include the option of showing real time weather anywhere along the route and future projections locally or along the way to allow for efficient planning of stops (eating/charging) or detours. Further add live traffic and we have a stellar app on the big beautiful center display! Make sure it is totally controllable via voice.

The data stream could come either from a built in data connection (4G/5G) or piggy backing on one's smartphone. All the pieces are there - I just have not seen them properly integrated yet. Hopefully Rivian will be the one to finally pull it all together...
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