Regenerative Braking Capacity


Whatever dude. No matter how sophisticated the electronics, the way it goes from applying power to regenerative braking is by SIMPLY CHANGING THE FLOW CURRENT THROUGH THE MOTOR.

And Musk isn't a mad genius. He is intelligent with a massively over inflated ego. And no, he isn't saving the world. Electric cars will not save us. This is why having a high IQ doesn't mean someone is smart. A smart person would actually be able to see all available evidence and recognize that emissions are a small part of our problem and that destroying are carbon sinks are the biggest part of our problem. We have destroyed nearly 1/3 of the worlds forests for crop production and grazing land for people to eat meat. If all the forests that we have destroyed still existed, it would be absorbing near 100% of our global CO2 emissions. So, in terms of people who are smart and recognize the real problem we face, then the people behind companies like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods are far smarter than Elon Musk.

And again, making money in capitalism is more about one's willingness to exploit the unethical system in which we live, and not about overall intelligence. If you think it has anything to do with intelligence, then explain Donald Trump. Luckiest idiot alive.
Who were you quoting on the Trump comment.


QUOTE="ajdelange, post: 3594, member: 481"]Now I could argue that this is of no benefit whatsoever as I charge from solar so wasted energy doesn't cost me (or the environment) anything ....
The point was that what regen is worth to someone depends on that person's perspective and, indeed, on the circumstances. During the summer I charge from hydro so there is no environmental impact if I waste energy (except for the relatively tiny losses of transmission). During the winter it's from solar so there is none there either. The utility does not need my solar. The utility does not want my solar. The only reason they accept it is that they are forced to by government and they make it as difficult as they possibly can for the homeowner and the situation is likely to get worse. And personally, I don't care about this aspect of it as I think anthropogenic global warming in probably the biggest scientific hoax ever foisted on mankind. My love affair with regen is solely based on the fact that I feel it's cool tech. You can argue, however, that I won't get paid for the solar energy I put into the car and waste and that is true. I drive about 9000 mi/yr at 300 wH/mi so that's 2700 kWh. If the regen recovery is 10% of that it amounts to 270 kWh for which the utility would pay me about $30. If regen amounts to 20% then $60. I guess I still don't care.

No. As my wife will be happy to explain to you the capital is gone whether I use the system or not and to whatever extent.[/QUOTE]
Anthropogenic what? If you left out that word, which I don't understand, I couldn't agree with you more about global warming.