Do you think that Rivian vehicles could get the same hate that Tesla owners sometimes deal with?


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Jul 6, 2019
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IMHO, it is more of a question of how the world transitions from ICE to EV and how quickly people are educated on the electrification of the auto industry.

This fourth industrial revolution the world is currently in will affect many sub-industries, from gas stations, SMOG stations, repair shops, car parts stores, etc. let alone the ICE manufacturing employees which has already impacted Europe as it takes less people to build an EV.

It will all depend on how quickly the world switches to EV that could cause pain, jealousy, etc for individuals who may not be able to afford the EV or adjust their job situation for their livelihood. If the conversion is gradual, I think we will be okay.

In the next two to three years there will be more EV choices and hopefully will attract a wider spectrum or mainstream number of buyers.

Education, education, education, will be key too. If the security or sentry (Tesla) modes and surveillance are built into all EV cars, I would suspect if that feature is well known, you will not see the vandalism as much.

I do understand there will be outliers that will create negativity, we see that with ICE vehicles who take two parking spots can get keyed as well as premium parking slots for EV charging stations.

Should be interesting to see what happens. Interesting responses and opinions thus far on this thread.

Also, if vandalism does occur with your Rivian, that is why we all have comprehensive insurance ;)