rivian blue

  1. Smyers528

    Washington Sold: 2023 Rivian R1S Adventure (Rivian Blue, Ocean Coast, Quad Motor)

    2023 Rivian R1S Rivian Blue Exterior Color Ocean Coast + Dark Ash Wood interior Adventure Package Quad-Motor AWD Large battery pack Tow Hooks All Weather Floor Mats 21" Road Wheel and Tire Range: 321 Miles Mileage: 550 Miles VIN: 7PDSGABA4PN012108 Asking Price: $96,500 Work is forcing a...
  2. Chewy734

    R1S Rivian Blue - XPEL stealth PPF, tint, chrome delete, ceramic coating, debadging

    Hey all, I finally got my R1S back from the detailer (405 Motoring) who did an amazing job on my R1S! Needless to say, I highly recommend them if you're in the LA-area. I wanted to share some pics they shared with me. Some more are on the way, so I'll update this thread once I have them. I was...
  3. Chewy734

    Finally... welcomed my Rivian Blue R1S beast after 1567 days!

    I waited 1567 days for this day! For those of you still waiting, I feel your pain... all I can say is that it's definitely worth the wait! I finally picked her up earlier today on a cloudy, wet, gloomy day. It literally rained all day, but I managed to take a short drive through the hills of...
  4. Quattro Powers

    Hand Wash Tips. What's Your Routine / Technique?

    I washed my R1T yesterday for the first time. It was great weather here in Florida, so I had no excuse not to do it. It was exhausting work. I struggled with the darn hose, and even managed to spray myself when I dropped the hose and it landed on the nozzle trigger. I skipped the wheels and...
  5. My R1T Experience in Orlando Florida Center.. WOW

    Just had my first experience with the R1T....and WOW, I'm so impressed!! First off I want to give a big shout out to Matt, whom is running the Orlando facility. I just stopped by this Saturday morning, and he came out to greet me and my Dog, and was VERY welcoming and VERY knowledgeable. I...