1. EyeOnRivian

    "EVPassport To Offer $39/Month Unlimited EV Charging, Interoperability, More"

    Interesting program. The app will give EV drivers access to the Electrify America, EVgo, ChargePoint, and Greenlots networks. However, will it really be unlimited? Aaron Fisher, Co-Founder of Recharge, one of the two companies collaborating on the new app, indicated in the article "There will...
  2. EyeOnRivian

    Preference on charging port location

    The charging port for the Rivian EAV prototypes is located on front passenger side. Pictures of the R1Ts being tested in Argentina have their charging port located on the front driver side. Let's help Rivian out with this quick poll.
  3. EyeOnRivian

    Rivian CEO confirms auxiliary battery packs and vehicle-to-vehicle charging

    While searching for any EV-to-EV charging, I came across this recently filed article of TheDrive interviewing RJ. The elusive CEO confirms auxiliary battery packs, vehicle-to-vehicle charging, and his love for Porsches in our exclusive interview. A few highlights from the interview/article...
  4. EyeOnRivian

    Chevron starts deploying EV charging stations at its gas stations

    Source: - "Chevron starts deploying EV charging stations at its gas stations" Oil and gas station companies are increasingly looking at adding electric vehicle charging stations at their locations in order to stay relevant as the industry moves to electric. Chevron is the latest...
  5. EyeOnRivian

    Inside Electrify America’s plan to simplify electric car charging

    Nice article on the progress of Electrify America (EA) installing chargers across the US. Click on "Inside Electrify America’s plan to simplify electric car charging" Some where on this forum I believe there is a thread or comments made about if Rivian will provide free or subsidized charging...
  6. A

    Charging station as a hook

    I am driving up to Calgary on CDN 2 and came through Ft McLoud, AB. At the west end of town there is a recreated RCMP log fort for travelers to visit and gain a historical perspective of the area and it's heritage. One of the EV charging location sites says there is a charging station on the...