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New Rivian R1T Owner here, I can't wait until 2024 to get a Rivian CCS to tesla NACS Adapter. I called Rivian today and their Customer Support personnel did not know what I was talking about! Seriously?

I currently have a Tesla Wall Charger and want to get the proper adapter so I can charge my Rivian at home and on the road using Magic Dock and the Tesla Supercharger Network.

Specifically what adapter do I need? I was told by Tesla to check Amazon, and Rivian said the same thing however Amazon doesn't list that configuration, unless I am missing something?

If you can send me a link to the aftermarket Rivian to Tesla adapter I would appreciate it!
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@GWNavigator ok, how do you know? and how do you set your Tesla home charger to charge non-Teslas? 3rdQuestion? Will this work on Tesla Superchargers or only the Magic Dock ones?
@Cafireman I know because when I tried, my wall charger would not work with my Rivian despite many websites saying it is compatible. I dug around (not enough) long enough to say f*** it, and got my Rivian wall charger installed, replacing my Tesla charger (at that time the Rivian charger was in my Rivian pre-order for a long time and I didn't want to change my order so I got it delivered with my R1S). Afterwards someone informed me of the 'authorization' feature built into the Tesla charger. You can read about it here: https://www.tesla.com/support/gen-3-wall-connector-access-control

Try it with the adapter - if it doesn't charge your Rivian it is probably due to this setting.

If you are asking if the Tesla-to-J1772 adapter allows you to use Tesla's superchargers, the answer is no. It will allow you to use slow Level 2 Tesla home/wall chargers or slow Tesla 'destination' chargers (also Level 2), but not the Superchargers, which are Level 3. The big person-sized Tesla chargers you see in parking lots are all Level 3 Superchargers and they will not work - except for the relatively tiny number out there that have the Magic Dock - very few and far-between. The only Magic Dock-equipped chargers within all of California are in Scott's Valley and Placerville. Magic dock Superchargers can plug right into your Rivian without an adapter since the 'adapter' is built into the Magic Dock. That's what the Magic Doc is, actually - an adapter that pops out and is locked onto the charger tip if you choose non-Tesla (CCS) charging, but is a standard Tesla connector if you just pull out the nozzle for Tesla charging.

Apologies in advance if I am explaining stuff you already know.