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Apr 1, 2022
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Virginia USA
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After many trials and tribulations we have finally taken possession of our R1T.

Today's delivery was even a mess, but it all worked out in the end.

Some really quick impressions (I'll have to do a more detailed review after I get more seat time)..

1. I really like the Forest Green, glad I went with it.
2. Black Mountain interior looks great, good fit and finish.
3. The truck is a little smaller than I was anticipating but not by much.
4. All body panels and gaps looked good, nothing scratched, no apparent paint defects, no defects noticed in the interior, so far.
5. Everything is opening and closing as it should.
6. Sixteen miles on OD when delivered.
7. Sound system is good, on par with our '22 Model 3P.
8. A little more wind noise than I was anticipating but not bad at all.
9. Smooth ride and steering feel is good.
10. Good acceleration, probably faster than my M3P, just doesn't feel like it is.
11. Good ride quality in AP mode with soft suspension. Every other setting felt too firm for my taste. Lowest was rough.
12. Interface is quick to respond. If you have a Model 3 or Model Y it will feel somewhat familiar. Tesla's UI maturity shows but I think Rivian will keep improving at a good clip and catch up.
13. As others have mentioned, the truck doesn't auto lower when you park. If you are in a higher suspension setting and then park, when you open the door to get out you may not realize the truck is higher than when you first drove off. I almost tumbled out of the truck because it was a few inches higher when I parked then when I first drove off. Not a huge deal but Rivian should consider an auto-lower on park, or something.
14. I think the tonneau cover is going to be an issue, not just mechanically but also the top looks like it will get scratches from opening and closing.
15. For my uses our Raptor is just more practical (bigger bed, more roomy interior, seems more prone to take incidental damage better). I was going to sell the Raptor but now will wait to trade it in on a F150 Lightning. Not a reflection on the R1T just our personal situation.
16. Initial vehicle impressions are good, the R1T appears to be a solid product from Rivian. My experience with the buying and receiving part however was really really rough and I hope for Rivian's sake was more an outlier than typical. Everyone I had dealings with were pleasant, but the whole process was dysfunctional to an unusual degree. Truly one of the worst purchasing experiences I have had. Maybe I just drew the short straw and happened to be the beneficiary of a lot of bad luck. That and/or they are just not prepared to the level they need to be and only time and experience will fix it.
17. I did not get the wrist band, they gave me paper saying they still owed it to me. I did get the spare tire.








Great write-up thanks

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