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  1. Discovered that R1T Powered Tonneau Available in Gear Shop Early 2024?!

    Found something interesting in the R1T shop that is now accessible to all. For the R1Ts there is a section that says it’s compatible with both the manual and power tonneau cover. Looking at the details it says manual cover will be available in gear shop later this year and power will be...
  2. R1Tmcg

    Pictures & details from my Rivian manual tonneau delivery and installation

    Hello Everyone! I received my manual tonneau cover today so I wanted to share some (far too many) pictures and details as I went through my install. Starter details: R1T Order Date: 12/10/21 Pre-price increase Tonneau at $800 R1T Delivery date: 02/11/2023 Tonneau address confirmation email...
  3. obfuscurity

    Maryland Sold: Interrobang Tonneau Cover with Bag

    Purchased this Interrobang tonneau cover on July 5, fully expecting to cancel my Rivian OEM tonneau cover order. Ended up keeping the Rivian cover (pre-order pricing) so I'm looking to sell the Interrobang tonneau after a few weeks of ownership. This is a very robust tonneau and performs well...
  4. California Soft Tonneau Roll-up Bed Cover for Rivian R1T

    Selling a soft tonneau roll-up bed cover. Asking $600 OBO. I literally got it a week ago and changed my mind on it. Comes with the L-track tie down type clamps (which allows for adding tie downs upgrade if you need to) It's from EV sportline -...
  5. anybody got new power tonneau cover added to order

    My guide told me that new improved tonneau cover is still not an option to be added to the order. My delivery estimate was for june/july so i hit pause button as i want to have electric tonneau cover. what you'all think about it? Do you think it is coming to production soon? Problem is that it...
  6. Reclaiming empty powered tonneau cover space

    Curiosity got the better of me and I wondered what exactly is in that powered tonneau cover space on the manual/no tonneau versions. How much or little of the hardware is there and how difficult is the space to access? No surprise, all the hardware is gone. I didn't check to see if any of the...
  7. Almost finished with mods: PPF, ceramic coating, tints, mud flaps, sun roof shade (& more to come)

    PPF on the front, ceramic coating, windows and windshield tinted. Twraps mud flaps, smart liners , folding panoramic sun roof shade (amazon) , Tail Lidz carbon fiber tonneau cover. Tonneau cover fits perfectly. Waiting for Team 1Ev running boards and would like a bed rug.
  8. Gear Tunnel and Cab Water Intrusion

    We had our first little bit of rain up here in NorCal yesterday (.33in over 2 days). Opened up the gear tunnel to find an entire pond's worth of standing water inside. Truck was closed up tight including the power tonneau cover. The truck was on my sloped driveway (~10 degree pitch) with rear...
  9. dotlinetriangle

    Tonneau cover repair scheduled–redesign ready?

    General consensus is that repairs to the tonneau aren't being scheduled until redesigned parts arrive in mid-August. I just got the call to schedule my appointment in 9/2 and indeed the work order specifies a remove and replace.
  10. duessell

    Manual Tonneau Discussion

    I think this is worthy of its own thread now. I haven't seen a single photo of the manual tonneau. Below is all the detail I see on the R1T page. "Tonneau We have two lockable tonneau cover options, both of which will protect against light weather. Our powered tonneau cover integrates into...
  11. Tonneau Cover : manual or powered

    Anybody here that has ordered a R1T debating the manual or powered tonneau cover? My thinking is just that with ammount of snow / ice / whatever mother nature throws at us, the powered tonneau cover may get jammed or frozen? Any opinion on that?