ceramic coating

  1. ImperoMotorsport

    🌟 DIY PPF SALE 🌟

    ⏰ For a limited time only, we're offering a special sale on our Rivian Paint Protection Pre-Cut for Door Handles! ⏰ Due to the large quantity of full car PPFs we complete, we found ourselves with excess smaller pieces of our Paint Protection Film (PPF). Rather than letting them go to waste, we...
  2. R1S Rivian Blue - XPEL stealth PPF, tint, chrome delete, ceramic coating, debadging

    Hey all, I finally got my R1S back from the detailer (405 Motoring) who did an amazing job on my R1S! Needless to say, I highly recommend them if you're in the LA-area. I wanted to share some pics they shared with me. Some more are on the way, so I'll update this thread once I have them. I was...
  3. ImperoMotorsport

    Ceramic Coating vs. PPF

    Hey Rivian Owners! One of the most common questions we get asked at Impero Motorsport is, "What's the difference between ceramic coating and paint protection film (PPF)?" Well, let's dive into it and explore each option, so you can make an informed decision for your Rivian. Ceramic Coating: ...
  4. ImperoMotorsport

    Impero Motorsport in Los Angeles

    Hey Rivian Owners! Exciting news! Impero Motorsport has joined your forum, and we can't wait to connect with all of you! Impero Motorsport is located right here in sunny Los Angeles, CA, I wanted to introduce ourselves and share the amazing services we offer for your Rivians. Impero...
  5. SeattleClearBra

    XPEL PPF Paint Protection Film Tint Ceramic Coating Vinyl Wrap - by Seattle ClearBra

    Hello Rivian Forums members and Rivian owners, We would like to say hi to you all and offer our Seattle ClearBra Xpel clear bra PPF paint protection film, windshield protection, ceramic coating, tinting and other vehicle protection services to the Greater Seattle Rivian forums members. Seattle...