1. ChargeSetGo

    Camping (Overlanding?) with Rivian Crossbars, cargo box, and "lite" off-roading

    Hi all, The trip was 40 minutes of freeway driving with 15 minutes of paved mountain roads and 15 minutes of some very "lite" off-roading. I can't in good conscience say I experienced any "real" off-roading during my last trip, but I did turn on the off-roading mode, so it counts in my mind...
  2. Fruble

    Camping with 1 Rivian, 2 Teslas, and 1 Off-Grid Dome! Fruble Camp Kitchen in action on R1S

    Hey Rivian adventurers! I wanted to share with y'all a recent trip we took with a group of 8 friends up here in Chilliwack, British Columbia. We had a total of 3 cars for the trip: 2 Teslas and 1 Rivian. It was a short weekend getaway, and we wanted to go somewhere a little remote. Luckily, we...
  3. Fruble

    Rivian R1S Camper Kit / Camp Kitchen System by Fruble

    Hey Rivian adventurers! It's Jimmy from Fruble. I'm so excited to share with you the new camping system we're introducing today for the Rivian R1S! One year ago, we launched the complete Tesla Camper Kit for the Model Y because we couldn't find any traditional camp kitchens on the market that...
  4. Thunderbolt Adventure

    MotorSport UnPlugged review of Camp Kitchen

    Hi folks! Not sure if Carl and Monika are on this platform, but I wanted to make sure you all had a chance to see their thoughtful and thorough review of the Thunderbolt Adventure Supply Camp Kitchen for the R1T. And since I know someone will ask, we are still working on the R1S Camp Kitchen...
  5. ChargeSetGo

    Cat camping, charging with TT-30 adapter and R1S powered cooking

    Hi all, Thought I'd share our recent trip to test out: Charging with a TT-30 / 14-50 adapter Using power from the R1S for cooking Taking our cat on a short trip Happy to say that all went very well! Some details first: 2024 R1S Dual Motor Large Pack 21" Start range/%: 75% End rage/%: Forgot...
  6. MavsLee

    Camping mode auto leveling in parking lot - fun snack time

    It’s the first month driving my R1s, just found the camping model auto leveling feature is super useful in the steep parking lot for kids to enjoy snack time. No more worrying about putting drinks on uneven surfaces. Kids think the car has magic, have fun time eating snacks in the trunk and...
  7. R1 EVY

    Bougie (Glamping) Checklist Recommendations for R1S

    Hey Enthusiasts, My wife has agreed to go "camping" in the R1S, so I want to make sure I'm prepared to spend 4-5 days in nature (glamping). For perspective, we have no problem watching our favorite show, under the stars in our tent drinking a glass of wine after grilling steaks, salmon or brats...
  8. ChargeSetGo

    Camping and sleeping in the R1S - a success story

    Hi all, Picked up my R1S in early March and took it up the Sierra for a ski trip at my local resort. This time around I decided to test out sleeping in the cold and snow. Some details first: * 2024 R1S Dual Motor Large Pack 21" * Start range/%: 340 miles/95% * End range back at home: ~30 miles...
  9. Thunderbolt Adventure

    Fun at King of the Hammers

    The broken Cybertruck is not the only or even the best thing that happened when a bunch of electric vehicles went to King of the Hammers. The Optima Unplugged event was dominated by Rivians, but there were a couple Kias, Lightenings, and plug-in-hybrid Jeeps too! What really stood out is how...
  10. Air Cruiser Roof Top Tent Installed on R1T! Review + Photos

    Just got my air cruiser today! It works and looks great, super excited for what this is going to usher in for my wife and I in 2024! The mattress is really nice and it was really easy to install overall! Thank you Jake and team from Air Cruiser/Cinch/Wild Lands for all of your guys hard work...
  11. Camping in R1S - Fort Steven’s?

    Anyone take the R1S car camping at Ft Steven’s? Curious on the RV hook ups and their compatibility.
  12. R1S car camping = successful experience

    Had a very successful car camping experience over the weekend in my R1S. Using the AC on full power all night + powering my refrigerator and tailgate light ended up costing just over 60 miles in range for 30 hours of camping with one overnight ( with AC on in south Florida ). Very happy with the...
  13. bbonkk

    Rivian off roading photos -- post yours!

    I thought I would start a thread with owner’s photographs of Rivians doing what Rivians were made for. Taking the long way through the dirt, mud, water, and other elements that are thrown at it while keeping a smile on your face quietly.
  14. Tyleem111

    Can I borrow your cargo cross bars?

    Hey Northwest Rivian community! I’ll be going on a camping trip next weekend with our R1S and would like to take our kayaks, however I don’t have any cargo cross bars. Not sure if I want to pull the trigger on them and thought I’d ask, is anyone willing to let me borrow them for the weekend to...
  15. R1S - Camping privacy window cover suggestions

    Hi all, I picked up my R1S on Wednesday and put 500 miles on it this weekend on a camping trip. Question - Has any seen or had good luck with blackout shades for the windows to darken the interior for sleeping in the back? I tried searching the forum but I wasnt turning up any good results...
  16. Los Angeles Rivian Club

    Los Angeles Rivian Club

    Discuss elctrifying off-roading, camping, and many more activities. Host meetups for opportunities to connect with other explorers to learn from each other. Fostering a community that builds each other up. All are welcome from novice and newbies to veterans and experts.
  17. greatdane1588

    Anyone mount an iKamper 3.0 to their R1S yet?

    Curious if anyone has put an iKamper 3.0 on their R1S yet and 1) which roof rack/bars did you end up using and 2) do you have pictures? Bonus points if you attached an awning as well. Thanks!
  18. gabrielw

    R1T Camp Mode missing ability to fully recline the front seats

    Hello! I just posted an item to the unofficial wishlist, figured I should post here for visibility and discussion also: https://rivian.software/wishlist/allow-r1t-front-seats-to-recline-fully-backwards-for-car-camping/ For many of us, ability to sleep in the cabin can be a prime benefit, for...
  19. sizotty

    Gazelle T4 Hub Tent just fits in R1T gear tunnel

    For any of you looking at or have a Gazelle T4, they luckily fit in the gear tunnel, albeit it needs to be at an angle. For now I'll have my recover boards underneath one side, and ill find something else to stuff here, maybe an old sleeping bag... For those who don't know these tents are...
  20. ColoradoAdventure

    ikamper Skykamp Mini 3.0 Fit

    Just got the iKamper mini 3.0 after reader hung the forums and it fits perfectly! Also, perfect timing for the new camp mode software release. Installed the tent “backwards” for better looks and aerodynamics. Dealer said either direction works. Shoutout to RackAttack Fort Collins for the...