1. greatdane1588

    Anyone mount an iKamper 3.0 to their R1S yet?

    Curious if anyone has put an iKamper 3.0 on their R1S yet and 1) which roof rack/bars did you end up using and 2) do you have pictures? Bonus points if you attached an awning as well. Thanks!
  2. gabrielw

    R1T Camp Mode missing ability to fully recline the front seats

    Hello! I just posted an item to the unofficial wishlist, figured I should post here for visibility and discussion also: https://rivian.software/wishlist/allow-r1t-front-seats-to-recline-fully-backwards-for-car-camping/ For many of us, ability to sleep in the cabin can be a prime benefit, for...
  3. sizotty

    Gazelle T4 Hub Tent just fits in R1T gear tunnel

    For any of you looking at or have a Gazelle T4, they luckily fit in the gear tunnel, albeit it needs to be at an angle. For now I'll have my recover boards underneath one side, and ill find something else to stuff here, maybe an old sleeping bag... For those who don't know these tents are...
  4. ColoradoAdventure

    ikamper Skykamp Mini 3.0 Fit

    Just got the iKamper mini 3.0 after reader hung the forums and it fits perfectly! Also, perfect timing for the new camp mode software release. Installed the tent “backwards” for better looks and aerodynamics. Dealer said either direction works. Shoutout to RackAttack Fort Collins for the...
  5. Northish

    DIY Camp Kitchen - Bed mounted in R1T (with pictures)

    Here's my take on an interim camp kitchen I built ahead of our road trip through the Southwest. I've had a great time building it and drawing inspiration from others, so sharing here in the hopes someone gets some ideas flowing. The goals were: Keep cost reasonable since we plan to get the...
  6. kylealden

    Rooftop tent storage solution for Rivian R1T

    I finally got around to setting up a storage solution for my Condor Overland RTT, which I thought I'd share for anyone who is looking for a similar setup. This would work for any RTT that mounts to the factory crossbars (or indeed anything at all on the crossbars, up to 400lbs). I wanted an...
  7. harkco

    Electric Airstream

    Pretty awesome concept! Can't wait to see these in person..... https://electrek.co/2022/01/19/electric-airstream-concept-is-the-rv-industrys-iphone-moment/ Please delete if I missed this elsewhere.