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Electrify ⚡Expo in Long Beach is This Week! May 31st, June 1st & 2nd at the Long Beach Entertainment Convention Center. We are planning a "Rivians and Roasts" ☕ meet-up Saturday 8:30-9:30am at Junipero Beach Parking Lot 🌄 before the expo and will convoy 🛻 together to designated convention center parking RCA has secured for us! 👌
Wanna go? Make sure to register at: LA-RC LB Elec Expo Event

Dont forget your tickets! As a special treat, Rivian and RCA are offering a 25% off promotion code for ticket purchases: EE24LBC25
LB Elec Expo Tickets
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Hey Everyone, I'm new to this group, but not new to Rivian. I received my R1S back in June 2023 and am coming up on my on year anniversary. Woohoo! I'm reaching out to the community to see if anyone wants to sell one of their Cargo Cross Bars. Or, if anyone is interested in splitting the purchase of a set. I purchased an 84" X 50" cargo roof rack and I think having a third cross bar would really help support the middle of the rack once I add weight when I go camping. So if anyone is interested, please let me know!
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Happy Holiday Weekend everyone! Hope you all are looking forward to Memorial Day Wknd Adventures! Anyone planning on going to the Manhattan Beach Cars & Coffee tomorrow morning?
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Hello hello LARC!

I'm scheduled for R1T delivery next Thursday, May 30 just in time to make the cutoff for the Model 2023 Lease Promotion and stacked discounts / credits 🙌

I'm pretty much gone through all the Tasks but now that I'm starting to shop around for insurance quotes I'm getting sticker shock (and definitley acknowledging that others in the forums have stated as much).

Just wondering specifically for us LA folk if anyone's open to sharing their considerations and ultimately the company they went with? Totally understand there are so many variables and factors unique to each person's living and driving situation.

Enjoy all your adventures over the long weekend and truly can't wait to join y'all out on the open road!!

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Mercury was the cheapest for us. SoCal is just expensive any way you slice it.
From all the Mercury comments I just got them on the phone and the agent said they're no longer accomodating new quotes on EVs at this time and over 50% of the other insurers have left the market 😱 Wow it's getting tough out there.

Next on the list is AAA. Will report back any other findings / learnings. Thanks for all your quick responses, truly appreciate this early communical support!
@jdubsrivvy Oh man. That’s scary to hear, since they’re based right here in LA. Have you tried calling a broker? The one I worked with is awesome, but he’s based out of Torrance. PM me if you want his info.
I went with Rivian insurance / Nationwide. Multi car discount and Home insurance bundle worked out best for my circumstances
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Does anyone want to get together this 5/18 Saturday morning for a couple hours helping habitat restoration? There are two options, 1. Heal the Bay River Cleanup at Whittier Narrows Rec Area or 2. Palos Verdes Nature Restoration at Abalone Cove.
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Hi all, don't forget this Friday 5/17 is the Evening with an Owner Event at Rivian Space Pasadena 7:15pm - 8:30pm. Who is going?
"Join us to celebrate our vibrant LA Rivian community. Enjoy complimentary mocktails, light bites, and live music. Mingle with fellow Rivian owners and bring along a non-owner friend to discover more about our community. Our team will be onsite to answer your questions, offer demo drives, and hang out. "
Make sure to RSVP on the Rivian event page. https://events.rivian.com/aneveningwithanowner
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Would yall be down to have a fishing trip set up with a bunch of owners, some can go off-roading and others fishing, etc. etc. We can make it word of mouth thing and limit it to friends and family.
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We're famous 😆 ! Yes, our Los Angeles Chapter is featured in the Club Spolight section of the April Lets Go! Newsletter. Special thanks for the great foundation & leadership before me, Arron Apperson,⁩ Albert Holt III,⁩ Austin Schultz and of course great appreciation and thanks to San Gabriel Valley Rivian Club and Orange County for partnering on events and showing the way. You all rock!
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Hi all, anyone planning on going to the Specialized x Rivian Donut Ride Event this Sunday 5/5/24? There's an RSVP link and details at the Rivian event page, be sure to go there to sign-up.
Also want to share a Family Friendly Bike Ride Option. Frank is planning to bike ride with his son at Fairview park nearby and then go to the Specialized Costa Mesa store for refreshments after their ride.
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Our LA Club has 3 events coming up this weekend 4/20 & 4/21 to Celebrate Earth Day / Month. Please don't forget & make sure to sign up on our website https://losangeles.rivianclubs.org/events/ for any events you want to attend.
Saturday 10a-12p Heal The Bay Beach Cleanup at Santa Monica Pier.
Sunday 9a-1pm Rio De L.A. State Park Habitat Restoration and
Sunday afternoon 4p-5:30p Earth Day Film "Giants Rising" in San Pedro, $10 Pre-sale.
We cant wait to see you out there for Earth Day!
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Wheel alignment: has anyone been able to get a wheel alignment from another place other than the SC? TIA
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Hi Everyone,

Keep an eye out for this guy. This happened at Topanga Village before the mall opened, while I was at my appointmen. When i reciewed the other videos and my drive cam if he was following me. I found out that he's the car next to me when i parked. He got in his car and 2 minutes later, when he was leaving the lot, he stopped at my car just to put dents and scratches. 😞. I filed a police report already, but I'm not so hopeful that he will get my car fix. I just hope that he won't do this to others.

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Arrrgh some people!! So Frustrating. Sorry for the damage. Thank you for sharing.
Thanks for sharing! Sorry it had to happen to you.
Can you please let me borrow your NACS to CCS adapter (either A2Z or Lextron)
Help please - I am driving my R1S from Costa Mesa, CA to Charlotte, NC starting next Tuesday. I will return it a week later and compensating for the use as well.

Thanks much
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Upcoming Events this weekend, Friday evening April 12th and Saturday 13th at Rivian South Coast Theatre (Laguna) "The Road to Electric Off-Roading" sign ups are still open for sessions and there's an event for Children too! Comment if you are interested in going and / or have any questions.
The Road to Electric Off-Roading
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What’s the difference between Days 1 and 2? Seems like they cover similar things?

Just trying to figure out whether I should go both days or not.
Good question? I'm wondering the same thing
Hello. I just found out I can add non-Tesla cars to my Tesla Insurance. Has anyone done this with an R1T? Curious how much the monthly cost is. They won't give me a quote unless I have a VIN. Rivian (Nationwide) quoted me $328/monthly for the R1T by itself. They gave me a "mock" VIN to give to Tesla but they flagged my account for having "no insurable interest". So if I do the lease, I have to provide proof of ownership, not just the VIN. Not sure why it's so difficult to get a quote. Just want an idea before putting in my order. Thanks.
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hello all. curious how long it took you to get your EV stickers from the DMV after you mailed in your application? any way to not use mail -- drop it off somewhere, electronic file...? tia.
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For my other EV, I mailed the application in late 7/22 and received the stickers about a month later. For my R1S, I mailed the application 10/26/23 and the check hasn't been cashed yet. I called the DMV and they said right now it could take up to 90 days. Hopefully it won't take the full 3 months.
So after 2 calls and being told to wait 2 weeks each time, the check was finally cashed today...112 days.
Hang in there you may actually be able to use the decals before they expire!

Event Alert!

The Rivian Clubs of America has worked in conjunction with Optima Batteries to give our community members exclusive access to the Optima Unplugged EV meetup at The King of the Hammers in Johnson Valley, CA.

Feb 1, 2024 - Feb 2, 2024

At the Forty
King of the Hammers
Johnson Valley, California

Event Highlights include:
-Includes King of the Hammers admission pass
-Organized trail rides
-Thursday beginner ride
-Friday advanced ride
-Ultimate Swag bag
-Thursday lunch & dinner
-Friday breakfast, lunch, & dinner.
-Luxury Restroom Trailers
-On-site private showers
-A reserved 30X20 overnight dry camp space for Thursday and Friday night.
-Free charging 24/7 for electric and hybrid vehicles.
-Private access to the exclusive Trailer Park Drift
-Private access to an exclusive concert on Friday night.

If you are interested in attending please sign up via the link below for special RCA pricing!

Optima Unplugged - King of the Hammers Sign Up

Hope to see you there!

Additional context for the event:
2023 Unplugged - KOH
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Random question - I’m in Palm Springs snowbirding for the next 4 or 5 weeks. Unfortunately we drove the wife’s Volvo down from Denver instead for my R1T. But, would love to check out the even event if possible, especially since it’s so close. Any chance somebody is planning on attending and has an open passenger seat? Would love to ride along on one of the organized trail runs.
Passenger tickets are $150.

I can look into adding a passenger to my ticket if you want to pay
@HighVoltOverland thanks very much! Really kind of you - love the Rivian community. I have, unfortunately, been informed by Mrs. cohall that apparently I’m booked up today/tomorrow with things I do not remember agreeing to. Not a battle I’m going to win. Have fun and hope the rain doesn’t ‘dampen’ the event! Thanks again for offering.

Additional info for the first meetup of the year (6Jan):

Those who show up will be entered into a raffle for some free swag from Rivian!

We will be discussing some trips and lock in several locations for the first half of 2024.

So far we have some soft event plans in the works for:
  • Anza Borrego
  • Sections of the Mojave Road
  • Joshua Tree
  • Lytle Creek
  • Hungry Valley
  • Trona Pinnacles
  • Pismo Beach Meet Up (Multi-club event)
  • A couple day trip options in the Angeles Crest Range
  • A couple day trips in the Cleveland National Forest
  • Volunteer cleanups on some BLM land
  • Planting Joshua Trees in the Mojave National Preserve(2H2024)
We will also discuss some uses for the Laguna Space that are being offered to us.

If there is interest, we will also be doing a parking lot pot luck, cooking your favorite camp breakfast from your rigs!

If interested in the potluck please respond to this thread, I'll tally the feedback on Friday 5Jan.

6 Jan 2024 8-11AM

First Saturday of every month, join your local Off-Roaders and Overland adventurers and make some new friends at this monthly meet and greet. Talk rigs, talk adventures, and plan future trips. All are welcome.

LOCATION: Coffee Dose Clubhouse - 23382 Mill Creek Dr, Laguna Hills, CA 92653

  • Official Meetup of The OC Rivian Owner Club
  • Official Meetup of Rigged for Dirt
  • Official Meetup of Overland Bound
  • Coffee
  • Breakfast burritos
  • Restrooms
Please respect the space, so we may return. NO burnouts, loud music
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Special Request of the RCA Family

Here at Rivian Clubs of America we are working hard to create a wonderful community of people who, with their families, go out into the world, have fun, experience nature and make the world a better place. Over the past year there has been a tremendous growth around the country of Member Rivian Clubs with owners having a great time getting together and experiencing that sense of community.
It is in the sense of that community that I would like to reach out to all of our wonderful participants and ask for help. Help for a community member and her daughter. Many of us know Kendra as RivianMom and she has been instrumental not only in creating a thriving Kansas City RC, but has been integral in creating graphics for events for clubs around the country.

Recently Kendra and I have found another connection that we share. We are both Kidney Donors. In 2000 I donated a kidney to my father, and while he has since passed a few years ago, we had extra time together. It is a tough but rewarding experience and one that I would not trade.
Kendra, Olina’s mom is an organ donor herself. Kendra donated a kidney to her oldest daughter in 2016.

Which brings us to my ask of this awesome community:

Within the last month Kendra’s youngest daughter Olina has been diagnosed with the final stages of End Stage Renal Disease. Kendra, and her husband John live in Kansas City with their four children.
Olina was put on the list for a transplant on January 10th and the family is taking a very active approach looking for a live donor as they await a deceased donor from the list. Finding a live donor is critical to avoid dialysis. While the rest of the immediate family cannot donate, you can help.

We at the RCA wanted to lend a hand and reach out to everyone to not only spread the word, but seek a live donor from our ranks. We are partnering with the University of Kansas Health System who have provided some information that we will link to here. If after watching the video and reading about the Living Kidney Donation system at the University of Kansas Health System, you want to talk to the RN that will be helping to match Olina with a donor, you can reach out to Samantha Brennen, RN, BSN directly for further information about how to save a life.
We are asking that you take part in the Kidney Chain Program developed at the University of Kansas to make sure that the donation has the best chance of success. When I donated a kidney to my father I was a good match, 4 out of 6 proteins that they use to determine the likelihood of the recipients body accepting or rejecting the transplant. Kendra was a 6 out of 6 with her daughter the first time around.
Often when you are next up on the list you are receiving a donated kidney from someone who has just passed away and donated their organs, however with that system there is no time to wait for the right match. This is where being part of a larger group of people wanting to donate really helps out. With the Kidney Chain Program, even if you are not a match for Olina, you may be a match for another recipient who may have a person willing to donate, but they too are not a match, but because each recipient has a person who is willing to donate and save a life, the potential for a match increases the longer the chain becomes. With this decision, you will not only be helping to save Olina’s life, but you are potentially helping to save several other people simultaneously. Who knows, there might even be another RCA community member who needs a kidney right now…

I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for taking time out of your busy day to consider this act of love and community. If you do decide to become a donor you will join the ranks of the Awesome One Kidney Club!

Arron Apperson

Rivian Clubs of America

Our first living donor chain

Living donor tool kit-information for potential donors

University of Kansas Health System Living Donor website

Main Contact: Samantha Brenner, RN, BSN
Living Donor Nurse Coordinator 
The University of Kansas Health System
The Center for Transplantation

Phone 913-588-5049 | Fax 913-945-7846 [email protected],
4000 Cambridge St. Mailstop 1002 Kansas City, KS 66160

Samantha has also graciously said that she can provide more information that is appropriate and a questionnaire to help you and the transplant team determine how best to proceed.

Paired Kidney Donation PDF
Ask Big Give Big PDF
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Someone please tell me. I need a lot for the car RIVIAN EDV 700 VAN. But first, I want to buy a wide lower sill molding, it is always black, right side. it starts from the sliding passenger door and ends at the rear wheel. Can you help?
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Hi everyone, I'm a Launch Edition R1T owner (delivered May 2022) and have thoroughly enjoyed it for almost 19k miles. As a lifelong "car guy" who has owned a wide variety of vehicles it really is one of the best I've had. Looking forward to meeting others here.
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Hello everyone I have an R 1S with 22 inch tires in mint condition with under 1000 miles on them. I would like to switch to the 20 inch off-road tires. If anyone is interested, let me know please.
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