Featured Rivian R1S SUV Rendered As Extreme Off Roader

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    Rivian R1S Electric SUV Rendered As Extreme Off Roader

    Radically rendered into an extremely hardcore SUV.

    The soft lines of the near-production Rivian R1S electric SUV seem to mask the capabilities of the vehicle. According to Rivian, the R1s (as well as the R1T electric pickup truck) is a go-anywhere electric vehicle that’s designed for both on- and off-road duty.

    Admittedly, the R1S looks a bit soft in its standard form, but with just a few slight enhancements it appears ready to tackle any terrain.

    These amazing images come to us via Mo Aoun on LinkedIn. Mo is a 2D and 3D artist who surely has a skill in vehicle rendering too. Note that the image above is the park ranger version of the R1S, while the one below is the more extreme off-roader. We particularly like how Mo knew that the R1S’ frunk had ample room for that extra tire.


    After seeing these two images from Mo, the standard R1S looks extremely tame by comparison. Luckily, all it takes is a lift kit, some super beefy tires and a few other add-ons to transform the R1S from highway-ready SUV into a true tackle-any-terrain type of vehicle.

    Over on LinkedIn artist Mo seems open to creating these images in some other colors, so perhaps head on over there and suggest the hue that most perfectly suits you.

    Here’s a standard image of the R1S for comparative purposes:

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    I like the look, my concern is when lifted how the driveshafts would react. I know with the Tesla Model X when using the high mode the shafts can start to shudder. Maybe it would make a difference with having a motor at each wheel instead of a front and rear motor.

    I do like the idea of a smaller size rim to get more side wall. I am not a fan of low profile tires on a truck. If not lifted an 18" rim with 275/65/18 tires, tires would be easier to get and cheaper

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