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    Just finished listening to this podcast today and though much of the information is already out there, it was nice to hear some new tidbits from the Director of Corporate Communications. Below are some of the highlights I remember:
    • A few prototypes to be built between now and full production for further testing.
    • Full scale battery production to begin early 2020
    • Full scale vehicle production to begin mid-2020
    • A “tent-like” apparatus for the R1T bed to be sold as an accessory.
    • He made it sound like the “Rivian built charging stations” will be built in more remote areas while relying on existing, and ever-growing infrastructure (Electrify America) for the charging network. By mid-2020, Electrify America should have a pretty vast network throughout the U.S.
    • Home charging system will be available for sale from Rivian
    • Deposits are being held in a trust; meaning Rivian can’t touch them until your vehicle is designed.
    • Level 3 Autonomous driving straight from the factory
    • Over the air updates
    • I’m sure there are more that I’m missing, but I’m getting old and can’t remember.
    Only about 15 minutes, so I recommend it when you have a chance.

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