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Discussion in 'CANADA' started by PostMinivanDad, Jan 12, 2020.

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    I started shopping for EVSEs as a way to soothe myself from the Rivian information trickle :)

    I already have a NEMA 6-50 plug in my garage on a 50amp circuit. I understand a plug-in charger will limit me to 9.6kW: I am thinking I would upgrade to hardwired to reach the Rivian’s 11kW maximum if the additional 15% charge time it is really a problem (I don’t expect it will be).

    On the American side, I found the Chargepoint CPH50-NEMA6-50-L23, seems preferable to the Clipper Creek HCS-50P, as it can be changed from plugged to hardwired and provide 11.5kW. Going for an HCS-50P means having to change it to an HCS-60 if the slower charge is an annoyance.

    The reason I am posting this here is that I found a Canadian option (designed by an electrical engineer from Quebec – made in China…) that might offer the same flexibility. Its adjustable, like the Chargepoint, right now only to 9.6kW (the website says 7.2kW, but their catalog shows a 9.6kW version) but the hardware supports 11.5kW.


    I like the price (900$ can), the screen and the button to choose the charging amps for the session… Right now, seems like the best choice.

    Any Canadians here tried it? Is it any good? From what I gather, they sold a few thousand units in Quebec and a few direct sales in the rest of Canada.

    Any other Canadian options worth considering? The FLO and EVDuty models aren’t interesting since only 7.2kW…

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