Tesla Raj talking about Rivian after driving it.


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Oct 16, 2020
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Is it me, or is it weird to have so many current Tesla owners who are experts in the Electrify America charging network???? Do they have some much free time on their hands that they are surveying random locations to verify reliability, and the exact reasons why people may, or may not be, having challenges charging??? Or, are they spending their weekends reading PlugShare Electrify America location reviews????
I mean... I... quite literally said exactly why I was able to look at EA chargers and why I was doing so.

I see EA chargers in many of the same parking lots as Superchargers, and since I'll be relying on them soon I often go take a look.
And then:

...your knowledge of charging at an Electrify America location is 2nd or 3rd hand, or conjecture. Please refrain from commenting on something you have no experience with.
As mentioned *literally and explicitly* in my post:

This summer, at (4) supercharging stops where I was able to wander over to the EA chargers and take a look, I saw:
I think a LOT of long time Tesla owners who are consider their first non-Tesla are, in fact, quite interested in the EA network.

And instead of an "EA network is better than what we've had so far" perspective, we have a "Supercharger network is the only thing we've ever known" perspective.

I think it's quite reasonable for Tesla owners to be both curious and concerned.

In my post, I posted precisely four first hand anecdotes, and made precisely zero 2nd or 3rd hand claims.

Yes, I literally had a conversation with the Polestar driver to ask him what was going on. And like more BEV roadtripping folks he was perfectly happy to shoot the shit with me.

I have driven 22,000 miles in a Porsche Taycan, and 10,000 miles in an Audi e-Tron. Been to 11 states in those 32,000 miles. Never been stranded. Ever.
The particular Tesla owner that you're replying to never claimed one would be stranded relying on EA.

They merely stated observations that directly demonstrate EA isn't as easygoing as Supercharger.

My first BEV was not a Tesla and had no fast charging, and we still road tripped it across California using only lvl2 charging.

"EA troubles" don't frighten me from a getting-stranded perspective.
They simply annoy me from a "This isn't as smooth as what we're used to" perspective.

But, is it bad enough for some one with no experience with the network to share that they will "be more wary taking roadtrips in the R1T."
My direct, 1st hand observations are why I stated those exact words, yes.

Why spout that kind of bull$hit when they have no experience with CCS compatible EVs...
Experience with CCS EVs is not necessary to relay 1st hand observations of CCS EV charging one has witnessed.

... and are a year to two years a way from getting their Rivian???
Hopefully less than a year - Early order number, passed on LE only because of Max Pack requirement.

But... that doesn't actually matter. When I get my truck doesn't at all matter with regards to what I am observing today. *shrug*

I have ownership experience with Model S' and Model X's from 2015 to 2019. That does not make me an expert on the Tesla supercharging network, or the recent vehicles, so I keep my mouth shut about it.
If you were having one of your great EA charging experiences in your non-Tesla and noticed Tesla drivers in the adjacent parking spots having problems with Supercharging, I would actually expect you to share that experience?

It's bizarre to claim that just because you don't use something means you have no place to notice that the people who are using it are quite obviously having trouble with it.

Let's focus on future Rivian ownership and things we know about.
Nothing about my EA concerns mean I'm not getting the R1T, or am even less excited about it. I'm just as excited.

What I "know about it" is that I'll take the key (fob) on day 1 and be concerned about my first road trip, compared to the experience I've had for the last ~5 years.