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May 2, 2021
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ICE only :(

Adopt a charge is a non profit that adds free chargering to parks.
Rivian is adding chargers through a Adopt a charge to these specific parks as branded Rivian chargers
Under the collaboration between Rivian and Adopt a Charger, Rivian will pay for the equipment and fund 10 years of operation and maintenance by the two organizations.
Yes, I completely agree that Rivian is going to pay for the cost of electricity associated with the chargers they're donating to Adopt a Charger, for 10 years. I was responding the part of the thread quoted below, that was clearly talking about Rivian Waypoint chargers other than the ones that will be installed as part of this announcement. They're planning 10k+ waypoint chargers. There have been hints that not all of those will necessarily be free to the customer/user. There will likely be some mix of scenarios: a) Rivian pays for everything b) Rivian pays for equipment and install but not electricity c) Rivian pays for equipment only. With b and c, there will also likely be a mix of situations where the host offers free charging and where the customer pays something.

It's going to be confusing to non-rivian owners to see waypoints that aren't free when some are.... But it's nice to see some free charging options.
Who's paying for the charging? Is Rivian going to forever just pay for everyone's charging?