Rivian says to expect prices lower than previously announced


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Feb 14, 2019
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That certainly would be welcomed news but I get the sense this reporter may have gotten her notes slightly mixed up. Here is the first two paragraphs from the above article:

MILL VALLEY, California (Reuters) - Electric vehicle startup Rivian on Saturday displayed its pickup truck and SUV at an event in San Francisco's Bay Area and said that when their prices are unveiled soon they will be lower than has been previously announced.

Rivian founder and chief executive R.J. Scaringe told Reuters the mid-range R1T pickup truck with a glass sky panel that can change from blue to clear was about $69,000. It can travel 300 miles on a full charge. A similar range R1S SUV will sell for about $72,000.

The first paragraph states "when their prices are unveiled soon" which clearly indicates that they (new prices) have not been, yet the second paragraph indicates "mid-range R1T pickup truck ... was about $69,000." Well, which is it? Will the new price be soon or be revealed in the very next paragraph because the $69k has been the base price for the smallest battery pack (105 kWh) meaning NOT the mid-range which is the 135 kWh battery pack that is estimated to get 300 miles and has been speculated to be probably another $5 to $10k with the 180 kWh topping out at sub $90k (RJ's words from past interviews).

Something smells fishy about that yahoo article.