Rivian hitting the road again - announces some Fall 2019 - Winter 2020 destinations

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HOORAY for SEATTLE visit!!! :clap: I'm in E. Washington, but I will go to Seattle to see the Rivian in person!! Anyone know "when" the Seattle appearance will happen??


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Anyone know "when" the Seattle appearance will happen??
Rivian has only officially announced the Atlanta date. When they announce the dates for Seattle and San Fran I'll update the OP as I previously mentioned.
Since I can't make the Atlanta event I'm even more curious when the other two will be held. I'm hoping I can make it to Seattle as I've never been there. And if it's in October during the height of the fall colors, that would be a bonus as I've read the pacific NW can be quite scenic that time of the year. :camera:
I just got my Seattle Event invite - check your emails! I have my reservation :-D Date is 9/27 and there are two timeslots to choose from
HOORAY for SEATTLE visit!!! :clap: I'm in E. Washington, but I will go to Seattle to see the Rivian in person!! Anyone know "when" the Seattle appearance will happen??
Seattle is 9/27 - if you have put down a deposit you should have an email invite :like:
I agree, and this will likely be the case until they have a full fleet of pre-production vehicles. At this point, they are still touring the same 2 prototypes that were shown last November, and they need to limit contact with them to keep them in pristine condition
My confirmation says the following

"Due to the volume of guests, access to the vehicles is restricted to viewing only"

I am totally ok with this - if the exhibition is anything like the ones I have seen in videos and pics - it will be awesome, we will get a chance for a test drive soon enough. My reservation request also asked me to submit a question in writing. I was so excited I totally stumbled through it... LOL, was worried if I took the time I would lose my spot :-D - confirmation came through in no time - 23 days and counting!



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Very cool! I suspect the Rivian for the San Francisco event will be around the carshow during Thanksgiving week. Totally a guess on part as it would be a appropriate timing for a private viewing before or after the car show.


Can't wait to hear what Atlanta attendees report back with and then we can ask more questions based on what they tell them.... should be a lot of information coming out of these three events.


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SO...how did it go?
Not a whole lot of new information that can't be found elsewhere on the internet, but I'll post what I asked about:
1. It was confirmed that there will be a travel charging kit (much like Tesla's with different adapters) that can be stored in the frunk in a hidden compartment.
2. I asked how the factory build-out was going and was told "it's crazy how much work is being done over there!" No one said percentage-wise how far along it was, but it sounds like they're working pretty hard on it.
3. I also asked if Rivian was still on track to send out configure emails by the end of this year and everyone I asked said it could be early 2020 before they come out.
4. I asked if there were any accessories being looked at to either mimic or make the R1S stand alone and everyone I asked promptly asked me what I wanted to see or use. I'm guessing their using these events to get more feedback from potential customers. One gentleman hinted at something similar to the cooking stove being showcased on the R1T to be used on the R1S.
5. I spoke with one of the test drivers and he said he's been very impressed with all the testing they've done so far. Extreme cold, extreme heat, 11klb trailer towing, etc.
6. An aerodynamicist I spoke with said the wind tunnel tests have been remarkable. He's a former race car designer and has been working hard on getting the lowest drag coefficient possible, but wouldn't state what that was. He said they've been able to achieve the 400mile range on a test vehicle in the wind tunnel.

If I think of more, I'll post them.
Thanks for sharing. It seems like other companies are jumping hard into the EV truck market come MY2022 and beyond. I'm hoping Rivian keeps a competitive edge at a reasonable price in front of the likes of Ford and GM as the masses who are loyal to these brands, would likely stay with those brands instead of jumping to something from a new unproven brand. Rivian has got to create and maintain their own loyal customer base and be just slightly more advanced and nail their potential customers needs/wants with their niche adventure vehicle role and not be just an alternative to the "normal" truck manufacturers that are jumping on the EV band-wagon. I'll be honest, I put my $ down to hold a Rivian but the recent announcements from Ford and GM regarding EV trucks is causing me to think about maybe taking a wait and see approach. Right now it's just a thought and not an action. I like the disruptive approach the Rivian management and product development teams seem to have taken so far with the vehicles they are offering.


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Rivian has announced via email the San Francisco event has been moved to 2020. It will be a two day event - January 25 and 26th. The event is free to the public and will feature the R1T and R1S. The email indicated more information on the exact location and how to RSVP will come later. The OP has been updated.