OpenSource EV Parts - 1 Year Anniversary (New & Updated Products, New Materials, Free Shipping Offers)


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Nov 13, 2020
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Hello my dudes!

July 26th is the one year anniversary for OpenSource EV Parts. At launch, I wasn’t sure how long it was going to last. Looking at it now though, I think and entire year is something to celebrate. I've created a video with a recap and a ton of announcements in it. Below is a summary of it. Posts about the new products will be created shortly.

Long story short is this has been an amazing, wonderful adventure over the last year and I am tremendously humbled by the response. It continues to be a side project for me, but I can't imagine not doing it. All the folks (well, almost all) that I've talked to in person, over the phone, via email and on here have been more lovely than I expected, and I can't wait to talk to more of you over the next year.

So, here is what is included:

00:00 - Intro
00:27 - Beginnings and Statistics
  • Started as a post here about a glasses holder and has grown to over 20 products
  • 3500+ Orders from 2500+ Rivian Owners
  • #1 seller is the Phone Mount PRO (1000+)
  • Hundreds sold of the Aux Cup Holders, Left Phone Mount, and Seat Back Tablet Mounts
02:27 - Thank You
03:31 - Level Up Announcement
04:36 - Level Up - Quality
  • Nearly all products are now being produced in house
  • Fast introduction of changes / responding to requests
05:05 - Level Up - Durability
  • In-house production uses ASA material (more durable, UV resistant, temperature resistant to 300F)
06:25 - Level Up - Sustainability
  • In-house production using sustainable power
  • Shipping supplies Made in the USA
  • Carbon offsetting of all shipments.
07:18 - Replacement Parts
  • All parts from all manufactured items
  • Sold individually, priced reasonably, shipped inexpensively
  • Items will be added over next 30 days
08:05 - New and Updated - Seat Back Tablet Mount
  • Now made from ASA
  • Updated design to fit more snugly
  • Tweaked to eliminate the itty-bitty Delrin pins
09:18 - New and Updated - Phone Mount EVO
  • Now made from ASA
  • Next generation of the best phone mount
  • Mounting location is significantly more right, up, and forward
  • Threads the line on moving away from the steering wheel, not covering infotainment
  • Now modular - swap between 17MM, 20MM, and 1 Inch balls fast and inexpensively
10:52 - New and Updated - Standardized Balls
  • 17MM, 20MM, and 1 Inch balls are now standardized
  • Balls are interchangeable between phone mounts and Rear Seat Tablet Mount
  • Extras are $2.50
11:07 - New and Updated - Left Phone Mount V2
  • Now made from ASA
  • Updated design to be more stable and stronger
  • Now Modular
11:38 - Upcoming Product - Ultimate Charging Pad V2
  • More details in August
12:34 - Shipping Update (Free Shipping)
  • Less expensive shipping
  • Free domestic shipping for orders over $50
  • $9.99 shipping to Canada for order over $50
13:24 - Closing Thanks