Going offroad in your Rivian

Taking your Rivian offroad?

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I love the outdoor marketing angle Rivian has taken with their vehicles. It reminds me of Jeep, which I have a soft spot for (owned a Wrangler TJ over 20 years ago). That said who plans to heavily take their vehicle off road like their videos portray?


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Jeeps will continue to do the fun & scary stuff, but I won't hesitate to get the Rivian off the pavement whenever the opportunity presents itself.

I'm hoping one of the next Rivian vehicles is a Wrangler competitor. And I'd love to help them design a truly great one. ;-)


Once it gets muddied up for the first time I won't hesitate. Probably not extreme off roading but would love to take it on some trails and even light overlanding keeping range in mind.


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I think these trucks will be extremely capable off road. Besides being tough with the ballistic casing underbody they'll have, the Rivian trucks may also have unique capabilities because it's an EV. For example since there's four motors powering each wheel independently, Rivian hinted that the vehicles may come with the ability to run one of the motors in reverse to tighten the steering radius of a slow delicate crawl. :clap:


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Neither comes standard on Jeeps either but are often and easily added in the aftermarket.
True. Though I don’t see how you’ll add a steel bumper given the electronics up there. There’s radar, lidar, etc. same with winch. Jeeps have no electronics in the bumper for that reason. You can’t block them. I also doubt the aftermarket will try to overcome these hurdles. Jeeps sell 250k a year and are easy bolt ons. These might sell 20k and few will be bolting hundreds of pounds of steel on them. Smittybuilt would have to buy a Rivian then figure out how to bolt it on there ANd Test to make sure it didn’t interfere with autonomous features or get sued. There’s just no market for it.

I’m not at all upset by this. But you’d be crazy to rock crawl this. One slip onto that front bumper and you’d destroy so much electronics. Overland yes. Rock crawl,... If you have enough money to buy another one... sure. Go for it and record it. I’ll watch. Lol.