ownership experience

  1. Chewy734

    Current Rivian owners - What’s one change that would make you happier?

    Hi fellow Rivian owners, I’m curious what one thing you would ask Rivian to change/improve to make you happier? And, I mean related to your Rivian experiences, not just with your life in general. ;) Mine is better quality control. It doesn’t matter if it’s at the factory or the service...
  2. Heavysixer

    Is the R1T “engaging” to drive?

    When the time comes to order my R1T, I’ll likely have to trade in / sell my 2008 911 C2S to comfortably afford the truck. I love my 911 - it’s a very analog driving experience and a lot of fun on the curvy and hilly backroads around here. But I’m also obsessed with the R1T and would happily...
  3. Ownership Update after 12 weeks

    Hi All, I'm new to the forum, but after 12 weeks of ownership, thought it would be helpful to share an update for the good of the group. Of the 12 weeks I've actually had my R1T (delivery was on August 18), it's been in the San Diego Service Center for 5 of those week and is scheduled to go...