delivery day

  1. Any need to have accessories for my R1S I'm picking up in a week?

    As title suggests, I'll be picking up my Rivian in about a week, I was wondering in terms of accessories what should I have before hand? I have currently purchased the twraps "MagSafe Compatible Dual Wireless Charger", & the armrest organizer. What else would you suggest I get before hand...
  2. binroot

    Rivian Runway: Should I go Tech-Chic or Camp-Casual on delivery day?

    I left my Jobsian black turtleneck at the drycleaners, and my R1T delivery is tomorrow. Now, my wife and I have been staring at our wardrobe. This isn't easy. Should we go Camp-Casual? (Patagonia fleece, cargo shorts, moka pot, etc.) Or, Tech-Chic? (Hoodie, smartwatch, electric thermos, etc.)...
  3. Big Bad VooDoo

    Took delivery of Red Canyon R1S from R1Shop without issues, you scared me into second guessing my decision.

    After reading these threads for the last month, I was amazed at the problems people posted, some were legit and others, let us just say were not SO PLEASE STOP! My R1S came to me without any noticeable flaws. The 22s are huge when you look at them and a little bit more noticeable feel on the...

    My Rivian R1S Journal - Journey, Delivery, Experience and Review

    TL;DR: Took Delivery This Past Weekend; Super Excited Customer I’ve written this in sections, jump to any particular section that might interest you more This past week went by very fast. From getting shop access on 5/1 to getting matched to a VIN in a SC 100 miles away on 5/3 to delivery on...