1. Jarico75

    How many of you changed your configuration color to Rivian Blue based on the news today?

    I was configured with Black / Black beginning this week and changed to White / Black middle of the week. Changed my configuration to Blue / Black today. Order date 05/16/2019
  2. RforRivian

    New updates! July deliveries, August test drives, off road package now optional on Launch Edition, gear added to configurator ADVENTURES BEGINNING SOON Updates and news as we prepare for Guide introductions. Guide...
  3. MisterTea

    Any idea how configuration updates are going to work?

    Right now when you click Restart Configuration, the website warns you, "Your previous choices will be cleared if you continue and save a configuration. Changing your configuration may affect your delivery timing." As Rivian reveals additional features that you can add to your configuration, are...
  4. D

    Configurator and delivery times (per Rivian online chat)

    I tried out the Rivian online chat yesterday and found it very responsive. Martin shared that the configurator will be available "VERY soon", but would not say whether that means in days, weeks, or months. With the configurator, once all options are chosen, an estimated delivery time will be...