chrome delete

  1. R1S Rivian Blue - XPEL stealth PPF, tint, chrome delete, ceramic coating, debadging

    Hey all, I finally got my R1S back from the detailer (405 Motoring) who did an amazing job on my R1S! Needless to say, I highly recommend them if you're in the LA-area. I wanted to share some pics they shared with me. Some more are on the way, so I'll update this thread once I have them. I was...
  2. twraps

    Chrome Delete (DIY kit) and more products for your R1S

    Hey folks, While I am waiting for my R1S to be delivered end of this year, I've recently had the pleasure of renting a R1S for a few weeks, and as a result we've developed a bunch of new products for it... including a much requested chrome delete kit. So here we go: Chrome Delete Kit...