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  1. Nuclearn8

    Rivian R2R Rally Inspired Crossover-Wagon Details / Specs Rumored

    YES YES YES! I want one. Rivian is not taking preorder reservations yet, I asked.
  2. Nuclearn8

    Crude Oil

    Does/will the price of crude oil and gasoline affect anyone's decision to buy a Rivian or EV for that matter? Gas is $1.65 in Texas, $1.30 in OK and near or under $2.00 in most area of the country.... Just curious how many people with pre-orders will be sticking with their order, regardless...
  3. Nuclearn8

    Possible First Peek at Rivian's Future Rally Model

    I hope Rivian unveils their smaller more affordable adventure model lineup some time in 2020... In this lineup, I can see them simply destroying the 2 door wrangler and bronco marketshare with a direct EV competitor and also a crossover sized EV to take a nice portion of the largest volume sales...
  4. Nuclearn8

    Good Forbes Article on Rivian - production number estimates and vehicle servicing mentioned

    Let's see these 3 smaller more affordable models you speak of RJ!... I want an EV Rally car or Wrangler/Bronco slayer. Give me an EV smaller, dare I say samurai sized, adventure vehicle with 300 mile range for <45k and I am in! if it had T-tops all the better.
  5. Nuclearn8

    Tesla Truck Unveiling 11/21

    one can lift a Rav4 or suburu, just sayin... kits run 500 but I get what you're saying.. being comfortable with doing it is different than a vehicles capabilities... I could see buying the Tesla truck if it's even somewhat capable on defined trails for 50K.
  6. Nuclearn8

    Tesla Truck Unveiling 11/21

    I love what Rivian is promising to offer, however the price is bloated. This is why I decided to pull my reservation recently... I have little doubt they're gonna nail the R1T and R1S and I simply cannot stomach the price premium right now (without knowing the warranty to be offered, the...
  7. Nuclearn8

    Paint Protection Film...Thoughts?

    Agree. have had great success with xpel on our ICE vehicles. The most important part of ppf's longevity and durability (regardless of brand) is the surface prep and cleanliness. Any reputable installer will spend time describing to you their process focused on the prep phase. It's not true in...
  8. Nuclearn8

    Possible First Peek at Rivian's Future Rally Model

    yeah, so what... before the peeing match started at least someone was interested in the Rally model
  9. Nuclearn8

    Possible First Peek at Rivian's Future Rally Model

    Let's get back to the R1R discussion. No one in here is going to save the global environment or climate by driving a Rivian.
  10. Nuclearn8

    Rivian Rally Model Imagined!

    I'm in if it checks the following boxes. Under 50K 0-60 in 3 sec (or less) At least 400 mile range with smallest battery (getting 600 with the largest battery option would be awesome) 12” of ground clearance (or ride height adjustability if less) A nice size Frunk A small tailgate to sit on...
  11. Nuclearn8

    Snow Plow?!

    Snow Plowing in Tank Mode would be epic youtube footage... haha... Can it? sure. IF there are mounting compatible mounting points for the plow. Again, this frame/ skateboard chassis is not typical.
  12. Nuclearn8

    EV versus ICE Cost of Ownership calculator

    I need to compare the Rivian to another midsize pickup truck since that's what I'm in the market for... have any suggested comparisons that are better than the Tacoma? It's been leading the segmet for decades.
  13. Nuclearn8

    EV versus ICE Cost of Ownership calculator

    got it... thanks. I've often wandered how environmentally friendly it is to manufacture an EV... for example mining any rare earth elements for all the electronics... that mining equipment and operations generally aren't "environmentally friendly". the electrons to charge the vehicles have to...
  14. Nuclearn8

    EV versus ICE Cost of Ownership calculator

    Educate me on local pollution from particulates please...
  15. Nuclearn8

    EV versus ICE Cost of Ownership calculator

    interesting item to ponder... if you plan on driving 12,500 miles a year.... one could plant approximately 14 trees and the net impact on the environment from an CO2 emission standpoint would be zero. If you plant 14/15 tress a year, technically you're doing more for the "climate crisis" than...
  16. Nuclearn8

    EV versus ICE Cost of Ownership calculator

    I'm in the market for a midsize pickup truck and the top of that list for me is the R1T and Tacoma... not really interested in any other, perhaps the Gladiator, due to resale alone (would sell or trade it after the factory warranty expires because I will never again be stuck with a jeep post...
  17. Nuclearn8

    EV versus ICE Cost of Ownership calculator

    The ICE I'm considering is a Tacoma which has a proven track record of being rock solid reliable. It would only require oil changes above and beyond what a Rivian would also need too (like tires, brakes etc...).... I considered that a wash since the Rivian will likely need some sort of...
  18. Nuclearn8

    Any word on expected Warranty and design life

    I am curious if anyone has seen or heard any information on the type of warranty Rivian will offer and also what the design life and safety margin criteria were used during the engineering process.... These items may affect some people's purchasing decision for sure. For instance I could...