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  1. SleepySheepie

    R1S vs R1T Decision: Help...and Let's Play

    I go back and forth as well. Animals (2 large dogs) - I do wish the R1T backseats flipped up or folded into a platform. Length - Needs to fit in the garage. Looks - Visually I like the truck better. I'm hoping when I get to see it in person and test drive the decision becomes clear.
  2. SleepySheepie

    Rivian To Decline $1 Million Grant From Normal

    Nice to see them caring for their community.
  3. SleepySheepie

    When Did You Pre-Order Your Rivian?

    Feb 18, 2019. A late Valentine's gift to myself ;)
  4. SleepySheepie

    Pics from CES & Announcements Coming Soon!

    Main reason I reserved an S instead of the T is because I need space for 2 large dogs. Though I wish there was room for them in the truck!
  5. SleepySheepie


    Pure assumption that they won't fit in the second row of the R1S either, and that I'll be able to use the cargo area like skyote suggests.
  6. SleepySheepie


    R1S reserved too! Though, the R1T is tempting. I just don't think the dogs will fit in the back seat of the truck...
  7. SleepySheepie


    Anyone else from the land of the "Greatest Snow on Earth" and "The Mighty Five" national parks?
  8. SleepySheepie

    Rivian makes cursory attempt to update pre-order holders

    I received both emails. Are you a reservation holder?
  9. SleepySheepie

    Rivian makes cursory attempt to update pre-order holders

    I'm guessing it was an accident. Hopefully they are prepping to send something new out to reservation holders!
  10. SleepySheepie

    First official look at White Rivian R1S

    So happy to see the R1S again! Here's hoping we have more video in the near future too. Also, colors we've seen so far: R1T: Silver, white, gray, blue R1S: green, white I have to think red will be an option...
  11. SleepySheepie

    The Rivian Demographic??

    Definitely none of the above. I worked hard, and still am working hard to be where I am today. My closest friends (and myself) are all late 20s to mid 30s. Not trust fund babies. Try on physicians, engineers, lawyers, techies... I know we won't be the majority demographic. But, we exist. I...
  12. SleepySheepie

    The Rivian Demographic??

    Put my deposit down at 30 years old. We probably aren't the majority demographic, but us millennials aren't all jobless and broke ;).