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  1. Electric Rivilution

    R1T on an FSR, previewed in all colors we know so far.

    Great job! In my mind I had settled on a Green R1T after seeing it for first time in the recent factory video but that Burnt Orange looks mighty good and totally unique!
  2. Electric Rivilution

    Rivian R2R Rally Inspired Crossover-Wagon Details / Specs Rumored

    Too bad they don't substantiate their source but cool info and the R2R name has a nice ring to it if all this is true. Hope it's got as cool a look as the renders this site post last year : Rivian Rally Model Imagined!
  3. Electric Rivilution

    Green R1T Pickup first look from development video

    A green R1T makes a really quick first appearance in the test vehicle feature video. Looks lighter here than most green R1S images so I thought it might be a different color, but I've found some pics where the R1S's green looks the same as here. Shows again how much difference lighting and...
  4. Electric Rivilution

    Rivian videos as posted on Rivian Stories or their YouTube channel.

    I went through almost frame by frame and didn't see any others. The green didn't make much of an impression for me on the R1S but for some reason it just shot up to my #1 color for the R1T after seeing it in the video, even if just a partial shot. Green with black wheels just works perfect on a...
  5. Electric Rivilution

    Video: NO OTHER Car Has These 5 Features ...Except for RIVIAN!

    Nothing we didn't already know but it's a good reminder of the unique features Rivian brings to the table.
  6. Electric Rivilution

    Rivian Takes On Direct Sales Battle in Several States

    Helpful thank you. The EV tide can't be stopped and eventually most if not all of the states still protecting the big 3 will have to relent. There's too many EV startups coming for them to tow the line for much longer IMO.
  7. Electric Rivilution

    New Fully Charged Video about Rivian

    Will anyone here have access?
  8. Electric Rivilution

    Ford Mach E (full electric SUV) design leaked. 300 mile range, 400+ HP, AWD/RWD
  9. Electric Rivilution

    Rivian adjustable air suspension

    Teslas aren't even track cars. They weren't engineered for reliable repeated track duty. But yea, the cost of repairs for an advanced tech off-road EV is a concern of mine. Part of the reason Jeeps are so popular is bc traditionally they were cheap to repair and replace parts for. It will be...
  10. Electric Rivilution

    Ford Mach E (full electric SUV) design leaked. 300 mile range, 400+ HP, AWD/RWD

    Different price segment for the Mach E which will be a smaller and less luxurious vehicle than the R1S. It's supposed to cost about $40k (before federal and local tax credits).
  11. Electric Rivilution

    Bollinger priced at $125,000

    Yes. And this reflects greatly on the R1T/R1S pricing.
  12. Electric Rivilution

    Seattle Rivian Event (photos, reactions). Blue R1T + more details revealed

    Video clip from the event. Scaringe addressing attendees is included.
  13. Electric Rivilution

    Preproduction Rivian R1T spotted testing at Tierra del Fuego!

    The R1T looks great all dirtied up and also in white! The R1T tailgate badge looks awesome, it reminds me of the Nissan GT-R badge.
  14. Electric Rivilution

    Rivian autonomous vehicle development and supplier & Factory Update

    Very cool to get updates straight from eyewitness at the factory. Really looking forward to seeing how good the autonomous driving will be when the Rivians launch!
  15. Electric Rivilution

    Auto industry journalist and editor not impressed

    It's really rather silly and IMO self-serving to come out so critical against CONCEPTS. Concepts are not meant to represent production level quality. Heck, some concepts can't even roll out to the show floor without being pushed out by human beings. To expect fit and finish to be final on...
  16. Electric Rivilution

    Ford invests $500M in Rivian! Partnership to deliver all-new Ford EV

    Interesting that Ford will be building an electric F-150 which will be competing with Rivian's R1T while also investing in the company. The electric F-150 won't be using the skateboard platform but I wonder if it'll feature any other Rivian technology?
  17. Electric Rivilution

    Rivian vs Tesla skateboard chassis

    Yup. Half shafts on my Model X have been vibrating when full out accelerating and are due for replacement. Issue is they don't even have an ETA on when the replacement axle will come in. It's been 2 months already. :headbang: Hoping no such problems on Rivian's. Good thing is they can learn...
  18. Electric Rivilution

    Rivian R1S in many different colors

    Nice work! Yellow's too bright for me as a daily but it looks great there. I'm getting the R1T but if I were going with an R1S I'd probably pick a white one, looks great with the black roof.
  19. Electric Rivilution

    Amazon leads $700M investment for Rivian

    Just a few days before announcing the $700M investment in Rivian, Amazon also invested $530M in Aurora, a company developing autonomous vehicle technology. Put 2+2 together and it looks like Amazon is interested in investing to help its future ability to deliver products more efficiently...