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    Lincoln's Aviator - the SUV the R1S needs to Beat?

    At this point in the technology curve, I'm either going to buy an ev or wait until they come down in price. I was originally going to try to wait until 2025, but the R1s made me change my mind.
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    GM's Battery Blitz: Ultium Batteries As the Skateboard of Battery Packs?

    Tesla isn't making batteries on their own, they have partners. Panasonic in the U.S. and LG Chem and Catl in China. G.M. is working with LG Chem. All of the companies are doing research on the composition of the batteries (both car companies and battery companies). I am very interested in...
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    Our own "configurator" Thread

    At this time I would go with: R1S 180 kWh depending on the actual range numbers and actual cost. Color blue or green (I want to see the blue in person before deciding) definitely want a 2" hitch Everything else will be highly dependent on cost versus perceived value. Also, I really want to...
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    Economic Reasons to Buy an EV instead of a gas powered car

    Please actually read my last post. You seem to think that I am advocating shortcuts. I am not. I would never do that. The point of my previous post was that the code isn't always clear on what is allowed and what isn't. I see nothing in 625 that tells me whether a Tesla UMC is EVSE or not...
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    Rivian configurator coming "Late Summer"

    I'm not sure what you're basing the statement "this same configurator was supposed to launch in 2019" on. The late summer availability is the first time I've seen an estimated date (from Rivian) for the configurator. The only statement from the company I've seen up to now is it will be...
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    Rough Calculation of Rivian Orders, Delivery Times

    The whole corona virus thing has thrown a real monkey wrench into predicting when production will start. I was hoping that they were actually hoping to start production much earlier than December, but December was when they were certain they could start. So, they might not be delayed as much...
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    Possible Tax Credit Loss

    This is a link to the latest change in California regarding rebates.
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    Possible Tax Credit Loss

    I think that the Rivian will probably start producing their third vehicle before the federal tax credit runs out. Its hard to tell, since we don't really know how many preorders they have. I would expect they will announce a third car after they are producing the R1S & R1T in significant volumes...