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    Video: Rivian in paint shop - posted by RJ Scaringe 🎉

    That's me! I have two theories as to how yellow may actually get me an early delivery (as non-LE): The scarcity of yellow orders may mean that Rivian might do yellow early-ish just to bang them out rather than get stuck on a common color for months of production. The LE preorders of yellow may...
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    Rivian employees wanting an R1S/R1T

    Anecdotal, but for the tech companies I've worked for and those that my friends have worked for, employees were typically the last ones to have an opportunity to purchase a product (with employee pricing). I would've expected employees to have first dibs but it just doesn't work out that way...
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    ROOFTOP TENTS--What are your experiences with this type of tent?

    That's be neat. I'm not sure if there's a convenient way to access the hvac from the tent though. With the air compressor and outlets right there though, I wonder if there's a novel aftermarket solution that could utilize compressed air. Oh wow, that's much heavier than I would've guessed...
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    Do I really need the Max Pack?

    The upside of slow production and likely not getting my preorder for years to come is being able to get practical data from reviewers and LE buyers. If the consensus from drivers is a scenario like: cold weather + AT tires + highway speeds brings 300mi down to 200mi, with any extra weight (e.g...
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    Rivian Guide Contacted Finally! (For Real) 📬

    Realistically, I think non-LE buyers are looking at 2023 :crying:. We'll get like 500-1000 LEs this year for the easiest to produce/deliver/service cars, but that means that even though production will be ramping up, delivering the harder cars will not necessarily happen more quickly. Some easy...
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    What's the point of "Launch Green" if you're not going to launch with it??

    I don't think it will be a signature color just because it's more expensive than every other option but yellow. If Rivian wanted to tightly ingrain that color with their branding it would be a standard color, or at the very least one of the lower-cost options so that it would be more common to...
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    Thoughts on removal of Off Road Upgrade

    I agree with other posters that the hooks should be standard. IMO the ability to tow charge seems somewhat tightly ingrained in the image/brand of the R1T. Plus, it doesn't seem like they can be added later unlike most other upgrades, and they can't be all that expensive to Rivian. I think the...
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    Potential Change to $7,500 EV Tax Credit

    Making it apply to the configured price would be weird, because what would stop a manufacturer from just selling upgrades as a separate charge? Like, "we only sell base R1Ts for 70k, but incidentally, if you'd like us to make some upgrades to your vehicle before it leaves the factory we can do...
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    Poll on info required before you order

    I think an unrestricted, unaffiliated, third-party video review/walkthrough/testing/etc. would be critical for me. At that point, just about everything that Rivian is being coy about can be known or seen (besides future/external things like accessories, charging network, etc., but aftermarket...