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    Rivian welcomes some early preorder holders at the plant in Normal, IL

    Why? I see it the exact opposite. I'm happy that things are moving forward with plant tours. It tells me that good things might be coming soon for everyone as they ramp up programs like this. People on this forum likely represent less than 1% or 2% of total preorder holders. It's really not...
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    Rivian raises another funding round worth $2.5B

    Sketchy is right. Fortunately it looks like the SPAC bubble has popped.
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    Rivian Service Centers / Retail Locations List / Other Facilities

    I'm not reading anything into this - I know who CT Corp is.
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    Rivian Service Centers / Retail Locations List / Other Facilities

    Looks like CT Corporation System was busy in March registering Rivian in each state. "Dauphin" is the county where Harrisburg, PA is located, the state capitol, it makes sense CT Corporation System would be located there.
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    Is This A Mall Cruiser…?

    Most people don't have the money to dedicate a $75k Rivian for exclusive use as an "adventure" vehicle once a week, or less, so it's just practical that they will be used as dailiy drivers. I suspect that 95%+ of consumer purchased 4WD vehicles have the same usage pattern. I've owned true 4WD...
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    Rivian in Australia - Factory made or locally converted - Thoughts?

    I'm curious as to some of the details on how they do this conversion process. If they have a formal agreement with Rivian, it would make sense to ship the vehicles without the dashboard, steering gear and pedal hanger installed, saving the removal labor. Other items that would/might need...
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    Camp Kitchen Frustrations? Anyone else?

    Kitchen creative designers don't build factories, design EV inverters or program production line robots or infotainment systems. Take a look at Rivian's help wanted web site. You'll see the job descriptions - over 1000 funded engineering jobs open. It's not an issue of salary allocation. It's an...
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    Camp Kitchen Frustrations? Anyone else?

    I was on a project years ago that was behind schedule on terminating wiring in control panels. THe PM did some math related to how many terminations an electrician could do per hour. He demanded 25 additional electricians from the contractor. They showed up, and had 6 electricians per 72" x 84"...
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    The speed of "right". Does anyone really care when deliveries start?

    I've not seen any information on this. It would be interesting and fun if they had multiple options - stalk, touch screen and voice command? They have said it will include Alexa integration, so it's functionally possible. "Alexa, drive forward". Alexa: "I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do...
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    The speed of "right". Does anyone really care when deliveries start?

    I'm not young, but I'm willing to wait. I'm ok with venting. But I have to speak up when the venting becomes accusations of intentional deceit, lying, etc. by Rivian. There is simply no evidence of this. I've experienced the challenges Rivian is experiencing first hand, many times over the past...
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    The speed of "right". Does anyone really care when deliveries start?

    I'm fine with waiting. Get it right. I'm also not butt-hurt like some people who feel Rivian is deceitful about the delays, or expect a weekly pacifier release from Rivian. The entitlement attitude people have regarding Rivian is just short of amazing.
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    Torque Multiplication?

    A couple of things to consider: 1. Torque conversion, compared to an ICE, is not needed nearly as much. Electric motors (and the well designed inverter/controller powering it) in EVs produce very high torque at starting speed, and torque tapers off only at higher speed. IC engines produce low...
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    1st deliveries in November says my Rivian Guide. Communication from RJ expected today

    I'm not surprised at all. This forum appears to have about 2700 members. Many of them have 0 posts and 0 replies. I'm guessing that 30% of the members don't have acual pre-orders in place. So in reality, maybe only 700 to 1000 of the members are active here and have pre-orders. That's 2% of the...
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    RJ Scaringe: first Rivian R1T deliveries delayed from July 2021 until September

    I know you are making a joke about COVID and the green color...... BUT - I was told by a outdoor furniture manufacturer (Grosfillex) that they cannot produce a particular color of their tables and chairs due to a severe shortage of brown pigment for plastics. So yeah, there actually could be a...
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    Video: Rivian in paint shop - posted by RJ Scaringe 🎉

    In one word - viscosity. Dip tanks can be used for low viscosity "liquids" such as corrosion coating. These coatings electrochemically bind to the metal ensuring 100% coverage even with a thin, runny liquid. Since it is thin viscosity, excess liquid easily runs off, no runs or drop blobs, it...
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    Video: Rivian in paint shop - posted by RJ Scaringe 🎉

    Lame comment, lol. Quality automotive color/finish paints are sprayed, not dipped.
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    New competitor: EdisonFuture

    I give them a 10% chance of getting it to the working prototype stage.
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    Video: Rivian in paint shop - posted by RJ Scaringe 🎉

    I've seen similar tricks on other car paint lines, such as BMW putting the gas cover door in the window.
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    Rivian Guide Contacted Finally! (For Real) 📬

    A cost effective, code compliant solution (75 amp conductor rating, 60 AMP breaker) is to run 3/4" EMT conduit from the panel box to the outlet, and pull 3 THHN conductors. 500 feet of THHN is $350 at Lowe's, or buy it at around $1.05 a foot online. It never pays to take shortcuts on electrical...