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    Qmerit to Provide Home Charger Installations For Rivian Owners

    The Rivian hardwire charger is only $500? That will likely be the cheapest wall charger available anywhere. Still just plugging into a 6/50r or a 14/50r is easily the most cost effective solution while having an adequate mile recovery over night…. Unless your daily driving is a couple hundred...
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    Qmerit to Provide Home Charger Installations For Rivian Owners

    Is the only benefit of this Rivian branded charger just like every other charger is the ability to use 40 amps vs 32 amps on a 240 volt circuit?
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    Potential Change to $7,500 EV Tax Credit

    Leave tax credit as is currently with threshold for phase out limits in place. Tesla seems pretty successful and doesn’t need help to prosper…. Gm is successful. After hitting the threshold the next EV they released is the hummer launch edition. doesnt seem BEV’s have gotten any cheaper from...
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    Who has a LE

    Non LE max pack later reservation holder. Depending on Wednesday's Ford lightning release and how it turns out and if they are talking 400 mile range I will put an order in and buy from whoever gets me the pickup first. the way the industry moves Rivian might be best to spill the entire plate...
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    The current State of charging in the US

    Your Welcome... I had to google tt-30 after you said you got confused... I can see why! The multitude of different plugs and outlet configuration can get confusing. Heck even RVers that plug into 50 amp 15-40 outlets will swear up and down they are only plugging into a 120 outlet as that is...
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    The current State of charging in the US

    Camp grounds are pretty good to charge at... but FYI the 30 amp outlet is 120 volt. The 50 amp in a campground is a Nema 15/40 which is 240. (Mainly used on big coaches and 5th wheels)... 30 amp plug in campgrounds is a TT-30 receptacle which is a 120 volt outlet for smaller travel trailers...
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    Self Leveling

    I was thinking of this awhile ago and looked into it. I think Rivian would have to pay somebody to offer it. Question would be how much would it cost Rivianto license and in return what would the market support as an option Cost...
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    I hope Rivian can eventually target more middle class consumers

    I look at R1T as a pickup and what it competes with when you look at power and performance. It is a 700hp+ truck in the end with some amazing off-road specs. The only thing close is the Ram TRX which is as expensive and more expensive similarly equipped as an R1T in most cases even without the...
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    weight distributing, anti-sway hitches

    First of all new here. Was late to the game and didn’t reserve an R1T until a month ago. Hope a bunch of reservation holders back out so I can get mine in early 2022. 😂. Unlikely though. with a WDH is good for towing safely normally? The air stream that you are pulling is 3500 lbs dry...