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    When will pre-orders end and online orders begin?

    I'm 71. I want to get rid on my ICE vehicle an go electric. I need an all-wheel drive car to get to the mountains to ski (alpine & XC) in winter (not to mention just getting around town!) At other times of the year, it'll be nice to have AWD and high clearance on forest roads for hiking and...
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    Off Topic Chatter (Drinks, Travel, Photos, Anything Goes)

    This thread - - and talk of how the climb wasn't all that difficult due to the grippiness of the rock surface reminded me of this video by trials ride Danny MacAskill:
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    Hunting in your Rivian

    Every time I see this thread title the first questions that come to mind are: 1. How did the critters get inside your Rivian, and 2. Doesn't hunting in your vehicle mess up the interior?
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    RAN Charging Stations Map via Google Maps

    I don't recall much in the way of wildlife. Not a birder myself. Were probably a few hawks. But there were lots of goathead thorns in one section, for sure!
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    RAN Charging Stations Map via Google Maps

    Adding to the Painted Hills/John Day River discussion. Took this photo along the John Day River north of the Painted Hills in October 2019. Gravel bike ride from Ashwood to Mitchell. About 50 miles. Half the group rode from Ashwood to Mitchell, the other half in the opposite direction. Did...
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    Brooklyn Rivian Service Center Sighting

    Well, the graffiti across the street looks about the same!
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    Real Rivian Photos & Videos

    Looks like Cañada Rd near Edgewood Rd .
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    How will you care for your Rivian in drought conditions?

    I'm a big proponent of maintaining a protective layer of dirt over the paint.
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    Real Rivian Photos & Videos

    At least we now know we can take our Rivians to Jiffylube for a quick oil change!
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    Test Drives!

    Hopefully, they'll come to Portland.
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    General Insurance / Insurability Thread

    A couple of weeks ago I went to the USAA (I'm a member) to try and get a ballpark estimate for a Rivian R1S. USAA allows you to get an estimate without a VIN. At the time, Rivian was not listed as amanufacturer on the their list for either 2021 or 2022. Today, I went back to try again and...
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    [Delivery Day] - Where Will You Go First?

    For sure, it'll depend on what season it is when I get my R1S. In wintertime I'll probably just head up to Mt. Bachelor for some skiing. In summer/fall I'd take 'er up to the Broken Top Trailhead (and take someone who's experienced in rugged road driving for moral support!) In spring, I'll...
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    Anyone hear from their Rivian Guide?

    Either one works for me! 30 minutes either way. Mt. Bachelor/Cascade Lakes would be more scenic.
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    New Official Rivian Adventure Network and Charging Station Info

    In addition to Lakeview, OR, I'd like to see a RAN station in Susanville, CA. That would give an option between Klamath Falls to the northwest or Lakeview to the north. Currently there's no way to get from Central Oregon to Reno/Carson City, NV without taking I-5 to Sacramento and over I-80.
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    Flip flop S-T, back to S?

    Larry - We moved from DMV to Silicon Valley in '97. Retired and moved to Bend, OR in '14. Still riding - mainly gravel, followed by road, with MTB languishing a distant 3rd. - Steve
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    Flip flop S-T, back to S?

    Hey! I think I bought a Raleigh Competition GS from you back in the early 80's when you had your first bike shop.