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  1. Gator42

    A look at Rivian Service Centers, now located in Brooklyn, Bellevue, Normal, San Francisco and El Segundo

    Looks like a nice facility. I question the ground level panoramic glass to the right of the door in that last photo. Anyone remember that Jeep auto show reveal where they bypassed the showroom ramp and plowed through the window? Sooooo tempting...:devil:
  2. Gator42

    Tesla to allow non Tesla EVs to use their Superchargers

    I've been perusing the cross country videos from Out of Spec on YouTube and came away with two points: First, EA is way behind Tesla's network in terms of reliability. The struggles with the car/charger handshake, software bugs, chargers that are out of order or throttle charging speeds- it...
  3. Gator42

    Parking a Rivian

    ...I have a low bar. I can't even get Land Rover to update my Defender's software so I can listen to Spotify or run the car's WiFi hotspot. If the Rivian ever shows and can do those things I'd be happy...
  4. Gator42

    Rivian's El Segundo Location (Office Pics)

    Not to be a downer but I need that high concept talk translated... Is this the space where customers will wait while they're having the oil changed in their Rivians?
  5. Gator42

    RJ Scaringe: first Rivian R1T deliveries delayed from July 2021 until September

    Unfortunately the supply chain problems are real and their persistence have surprised many industries, not just autos. I'm willing to keep my reservation, even though my order number is in the 5,000s and will likely have to watch people in Seattle having fun with their Rivians long before mine...
  6. Gator42

    Electrify America Announces Plan to More than Double Its EV Charging Network by End of 2025

    There's the added positive of not having a monopoly/oligopoly controlling the area. All it takes is one ideally located enterprise to step in and solve the problem...
  7. Gator42

    Genesis G80 EV

    As an 'adventure' vehicle I'm a bit concerned about wear to the painted surfaces on the front end. There's lots of bugs and rocks in 'adventure' places.
  8. Gator42

    Electrify America Announces Plan to More than Double Its EV Charging Network by End of 2025

    Unfortunately I think the broadband comparison will prove quite correct and there will be some persistent 'charging deserts' on the map for some time to come. Yesterday, I watched a Wendover video on the 'EV Charging Problem' that pointed out for example, the Dallas to Denver route has a 226...
  9. Gator42

    Qmerit to Provide Home Charger Installations For Rivian Owners

    Holy carp- do you see how much Amazon is getting for a Chargepoint 14-50? I could flip the one I purchased in June '21 for nearly a 60% ROI!
  10. Gator42

    EV charging in the US is broken: Verge article

    ...yes, standard, 'universal, charging ports are the type of government intervention that's constructive. It took some time to sort out which but CCS seems like an acceptable standard for a mandate. ICE vehicle standards for fuel pump openings didn't seem like an insurmountable obstacle. The...
  11. Gator42

    EV charging in the US is broken: Verge article

    President Biden...recently introduced a $2 trillion infrastructure plan, $174 billion of which is earmarked for electric cars. As part of that plan, Biden wants to build 500,000 new EV chargers by 2030 the risk of exposing my age and economic education, if President Biden wants to spend...
  12. Gator42

    RAN Charging Stations Map via Google Maps

    I see, yes. Makes sense, though also of note on the map are locations of DC fast chargers at multiple entrance points in and around Yellowstone, and including one smack dab in the middle of the park...
  13. Gator42

    RAN Charging Stations Map via Google Maps

    Can someone point me to the more definitive information that this is the case? Rivian seems to only say waypoints are for 'where you shop, play, stay and eat' but I get the impression the locations on the map are exclusively for DC fast chargers....
  14. Gator42

    RAN Charging Stations Map via Google Maps

    Finally, if automating the point names isn't doable, I will probably have to defer to others who are interested in crowdsourcing some of this. In that situation, I can share the map through Google Drive to let others edit. More on that if needed. This is a great effort, and I'm wondering how...
  15. Gator42

    Insurance cost, which companies will provide insurance?

    I'd concur about waiting until there's a few VINS in the wild before believing any insurance quotes. That said we can all speculate can't we :CWL:? Tesla's rate would seem the closet to inspect - do we see large increases/decreases to rates for Tesla models? They would seem to benefit from...
  16. Gator42

    Telsa's Newest Easter Egg

    I like a good fart joke as much as the next man but in Tesla's case I'm reminded of a joke a long forgotten comedian made re: Disney Air's painting of cute grinning faces on the nose of their airplanes: The only expression I want to see on the face of my airplane is one of determination... I'd...
  17. Gator42

    Who is Buying This Vehicle?

    I like how this is a discussion people usually have about the choices and tradeoffs we've always made when choosing an ICE vehicle. We're now blessed with the having multiple EV options in the mix and all the performance and capability options therein. I came very close to being an early...
  18. Gator42

    New Official Rivian Adventure Network and Charging Station Info

    Just eyeballing it looks like stations at the interstate junctions- I-91/93 in St. Johnsbury, I-89/91 White River Jct, and I-89/93 at the rest areas south of Concord. Also the I-95 corridor thru Maine beginning at Kittery. Maybe also charging at Killington area and Franconia Notch SP.
  19. Gator42

    South Carolina, anyone?

    I'm down by Savannah/HHI. Will hang with you guys until you kick me out 'cause I move my R1S to Lake Tahoe, NV...
  20. Gator42

    Rivian Official Video: The Long Weekend Wyoming

    About that PR fluff needing to be done- in my corner of the world when I tell people I have a deposit on a Rivian they say 'What's that?- I've never heard of Rivian'. This includes plenty of Tesla owners and outdoorsy people with money. Feels to me like a ripe market for a referral program...