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    Brooklyn Rivian Service Center Sighting

    I just drove by. The open space behind the building has been freshly paved and painted with LOTS of parking. The front of the building has fresh painted spots, and what look like Level two chargers mounted on the exterior wall. Signage at all the entrances look complete. I didn’t get out of my...
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    NYC service center

    That will be a show room, rather than a service center. Last time I walked by the space was still empty. That was maybe 3 weeks ago. Check the other thread and you’ll see someone spotted the nicely painted Service Center in East Williamsburg
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    Amazon Sidewalk Op Out?!?

    I just learned about this. Don’t currently own an “Amazon Device”. I will be emailing Rivian to ask if their vehicles will participate in this by default. I’m not really sure if that’s possible. Can’t say I fully understand it...
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    Rear Seat - cargo space/flat floor in the future?

    The exterior width of the R1T with mirrors folded is 81.8 inches.
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    Real Rivian Photos & Videos

    Loving the map display here with one major (probably not) issue. I don’t see any real time traffic on the screen. Most likely it’s just turned off. But if by some absurd chance, you need to use your phone to see real time traffic, it will be a huge fail.
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    Off Roading Question:

    For starters, I do NOT have off road experience. I have seen all the cool footage of the R1T off roading. I haven't seen much if any of the R1S going off road. Based on my *basic* understanding of approach/departure and break over, the R1S should be more capable off road than the R1T. Is...
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    New jobs posted today providing insight into Rivian's summer test drive tour plans

    Honestly, I don't agree. Setting aside how long it might take to FIND the right person, once they have them, they could easily be fully trained in 40 hours and sent out on their way. At least that's the way I see it. First few events might be a bit rough around the edges. By event 3 they will be...
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    Home charger location: what would you do?

    *IF* you end up not using the garage and the charger that is in there already, you could probably put the spot up on craigslist and rent it for a pretty penny. Are there lots of renters in your neighborhood who might like a spot to charge their EV?
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    MTB Tailgate Pad

    This image from the homepage appears to show some sort of tail gate pad. I have never owned a pick up (or tail gate pad...) before. This seems like an odd one. Would have thought it would come further down the exterior of the gate.
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    Projected opening months for showrooms?

    I live very close to the NYC location and took a walk by the place the other day. Plan on taking many more walks by there in the months to come. There was absolutely nothing going on there the other day. I will way this though, I doubt they would have to do A LOT of work. Its a large, mostly...
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    North East roll call

    I'm in Astoria. I have the camp kitchen configured, but I am strongly considering scrapping it. I really want it. But 5k is a real tough pill to swallow.
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    Roof Rack - which mounting system?

    My Outback had the longest bars Yakima would make. I worked on the Ocoee and THIS is par for the course. Safe lines bud.
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    Roof Rack - which mounting system?

    I would be shocked if that was the case.
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    Camp Kitchen Removed from Support Pages

    I just found this reference under the "Service" tab via the link you provided
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    Roof Rack - which mounting system?

    Are you as dumb as me though? Are you buying an all electric pick up while living in an apartment in NYC, with no place to charge it at home or at work? Will you be parking it outdoors in a major metropolitan area? :clap::CWL: I already had one set of locked crossbars removed from my car via...
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    [Video added] Forest Green R1T @ Georgia Capitol Building to support HB460 (direct to consumer sales)

    I was told by CS a week ago that the roof racks were lockable. However I got no details about how they lock. Since they come off so easy, I will be taking them off when not is use and storing them in the bed under the cover. They used to have mounts in the bed itself so you could keep the...
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    Roof Rack - which mounting system?

    I remember at one point they had mounts for the Crossbars IN the bed, so that the cover could slide over the bars and conceal them. I asked customer service about this because It became clear that was not an option anymore. They confirmed that the bars can only be secured to the top of the...
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    Wish List - Rivian Adventure Network (RAN) locations

    NYC Based and Visit NH a lot. Lincoln is an absolute no brainer to me. Right on 93. I don't know what the BEST location would be for Acadia. In Bar Harbor would obviously be great IF you're going to the park. But it might make more sense to put it in Bangor. I really hope Rivian doesn't...
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    North East roll call

    I am super curious how many of us there will be! New York City - LE R1T - 21 inch RD - LA Silver - Black Mountain - Camp Kitchen