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    Quantumscape has a timeline to solid state.

    The CEO believes prototyping is hard and manufacturing at scale is easy. I think he's going to be disappointed.
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    Tesla to allow non Tesla EVs to use their Superchargers

    on the conference call they said there would be adapters at the super chargers. As long as people didn't steal them
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    Hunting in your Rivian

    I can't wait to post my hunting stories. I'm hopeful for the 2022 fall deer seasons, pretty sure the spring turkey season isn't gonna happen. I hunt a lot. Minimum 3 days per week starting in September and until the end in January. I hunt mostly public lands in MD, deer turkey and...
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    Report: Rivian Confirms Plan for Second U.S. Assembly Plant 🏭

    I don't think you will have to worry about Ford for long. I bet Ford sells their stake at the IPO.
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    Real Rivian Photos & Videos

    The pre orders about to sky rocket with this Blue Origin event. Been seeing the R1T and R1S on live streams
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    Camp Kitchen Frustrations? Anyone else?

    My SIL called to tell me to cancel my electric truck order and order a truck she saw on Facebook that had the coolest camp kitchen set she has ever seen. She said it was all over facebook and everybody was talking about it. I laughed and told her not to worry, I already had the Rivian ordered...
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    The speed of "right". Does anyone really care when deliveries start?

    dont' have much of a choice but to wait, I really want an electric truck. I could order a Cyber Truck today but I wouldn't get it till probably 2025 at the earliest. There's already over a million pre orders. Similar with the Ford lightning, over a 100k orders and production is going to be...
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    Real Rivian Photos & Videos

    Is this the first sighting on the east coast?
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    Report: Rivian Aims for IPO This Year

    I doubt it will matter much, but hopefully with the delays and current market environment with other EV start ups, we can get a much better valuation on the IPO. $70 billion is astronomical.
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    RJ Scaringe: first Rivian R1T deliveries delayed from July 2021 until September

    I'm fine with the delays, I'm late to the party and didn't expect a R1T till next year anyways, but, there is something concerning to me about the timing. We knew about the virus and semi issues months ago, the whole world knew. The delay due to the virus, and semi shortages should have...
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    Video: Rivian in paint shop - posted by RJ Scaringe 🎉

    Does this mean some deliveries are just days away? I can't imagine it taking more than a couple days to complete a vehicle on an assembly line, but I wouldn't know.
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    Amazon Van Impact on R1T & R1S Production?

    it is a double edged sword like you said. Resources that are going into the vans are resources not going into our R1Ts and R1Ss. But. That also means more real world testing and data so we get a more refined product. I would rather they work out the problems with Amazon vans than customers...
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    Still getting ready…

    amazing how Rivian blue changes with different lighting.
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    Rivian Story: Camp Kitchen

    I didn't mean I'm cancelling. I don't expect my R1T till next year. I'm just saying if I had been holding for 2 years then this might have done me in, with all the little stories and no real info
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    Rivian Story: Camp Kitchen

    I don't know how some of you long term reservation holders are doing it. This story may have put me over the edge to cancel
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    It's July 1, who get's a delivery this month?

    I'm hoping a youtuber gets one, even if it's a loaner to promote Rivian. Would like to see the TFL guys or Sandy Munroe get one.
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    what will we learn this week(06/24-06/26)?

    Maybe we get a teaser for more info soon
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    Will Rivians corporate culture of secrecy continue after R1T launch?

    My opinion on the matter is that the secrecy is due to the upcoming IPO. You don't want to announce delays or other issues while banks are trying to gauge investor sentiment. It will continue, anything material will need to be released in a regulated manner if it could be considered market moving.
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    No Whining - Just Excitement 🙌

    You guys bring up such great points about stealth mode. This will be huge for turkey hunting and trying to locate birds from the road.
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    No Whining - Just Excitement 🙌

    The R1T will be my first EV, so I'm just excited to have an EV and the benefits that come with it. A feature that really spoke to me, was the 4 motor drive system. Not even sure why, it's not like I will ever rock crawl. But if I wanted to I could. Also, I'm tired of going to dealerships.