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    When will pre-orders end and online orders begin?

    So he was initially told Fed 12, then Feb 20, then "mid-March" and then "we don't have an estimate." So just like Rivian!
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    When will pre-orders end and online orders begin?

    While they may deliver a few preorder vehicles with many unanswered questions, I doubt they would force everyone to finalize an order without having the ability to actually see / touch / drive one. I think there are a good chunk of us early adopters for whom a test drive is a must. And given how...
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    When will pre-orders end and online orders begin?

    Just as a frame of reference, my neighbor just last week received the F150 he ordered (and paid for) back in December. There are ridiculously long queues for many cars out there, and people are waiting because we don't have a choice.
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    Tennessee State Parks & Rivian Partner on Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Greenlots and BMW are partners it looks like when I did a little digging. They beat Rivian to the NPS punch.
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    RJ Scaringe: first Rivian R1T deliveries delayed from July 2021 until September

    I have officially reached peak doom loop. I had a dream last night that I snuck in to the Normal plant and when I sat in the cab of the R1T it was too small so I canceled my reservation :CWL:. Given how little new information has been forthcoming over the last two months, I think I need a break...
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    RJ Scaringe: first Rivian R1T deliveries delayed from July 2021 until September

    Just to echo what others have said, I have friends who now like to kid me on when my electric truck is coming. I honestly don't know what to tell them. SOON?! I have always exuded enthusiasm about the brand, and I'm still excited. However, for the uninitiated it may be difficult to tell the...
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    1st deliveries in November says my Rivian Guide. Communication from RJ expected today

    FWIW I would take anything CS says with a grain of salt. They either aren't looped in, or are kept muffled about most items of consequence. They were swearing up and down deliveries were on track until minutes before the last delay was announced.
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    Guide Call, 7/15/21 Austin Texas

    Thoughts: 1) Hooray for a new Market opening up! 2) Was this the first official confirmation of the long suspected need to be close to a service center? 3) If the end of December is the earliest you could get, that bodes poorly for small market LE folks far from potential service centers. As a...
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    Rivian Guide Contacted Finally! (For Real) 📬

    I would say there's a 90% (educated guess only) chance they know the numbers. Automakers run the test themselves, and then submit to EPA. The NVFEL then will *sometimes* verify (and sometimes not). Though with all the gaming of the system in recent years they have steadily ramped up to testing...
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    Rivian Service Centers / Retail Locations List / Other Facilities

    I heard Rivian just hired them for comms
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    Electric Ram Truck by 2024

    Conspiracy theory: this was actually put out by Rivian comms! They have actually been doing something! Rivian has run out of positive things to say about themselves, and knew the natives were getting restless. They had to think of something to make themselves look better, and this is the turd...
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    More Guide Contacts Trickling in...

    I'm not going to discount the possibility of July deliveries until the 31st. A truck could come off the line in Normal, get loaded on a flatbed, and make it >500mi to preorder holder #1's doorstep in the morning. There will almost certainly be a big media event, turned Rivian Story, for the...
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    Qmerit to Provide Home Charger Installations For Rivian Owners

    I hope this isn't the big news of the week
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    Mach-E placeholder for R1S

    I was also looking for a R1S (possible max pack) placeholder. Then the wife and I got an insane offer we couldn't refuse from our local Volvo dealership so we got a XC90 hybrid a week ago. We plan on charging every night. Even with a puny little battery we should only have to get gas at the...
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    RAN Charging Stations Map via Google Maps

    They should just go ahead and block each other and be done with it
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    Rivian Story: Camp Kitchen

    RJ: Hey team, do we have anything new this week to share? Engineers: No RJ: OK guys well good work and go eat some smores. Comms, yall take some pics for a story. Comms: We'll do it at night and make the pics slightly grainy to add authenticity. RJ: Perfect! Only about 100 Riviots will notice...
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    Does Anyone on this forum also have a Mustang Mach E Reservation?

    The last scenario is the one I have been dreading.
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    Does Anyone on this forum also have a Mustang Mach E Reservation?

    Yea nothing likely to change any time soon here in Georgia given state senator and President Pro Tempore of said Senate is Butch Miller. He owns a car dealership and is quite active in advocating against direct to consumer (electric) car sales. As you mention, only within the last few years...