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    1st deliveries in November says my Rivian Guide. Communication from RJ expected today

    I spoke to him the day before and the day of (right after) the delay announcement. While my window (which started in mid-August) must shrink a bit, he said that they will do everything in their power to honor the window I was provided (mid-Aug to Sep.) but that he has not been provided an...
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    R1S shuttles Blue Origin passengers to Shephard launch pad [pics & video]

    Part of the reason they re-designed the doors/windows a while back.
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    Tesla Fans

    There is no dual-motor Rivian...
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    Tesla Fans

    No. Other than the Amazon Van.
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    1st deliveries in November says my Rivian Guide. Communication from RJ expected today

    FYI, all who have been contacted by guides have a different anticipated delivery window. This window doesn't imply a delay in production by itself. I did speak with my guide yesterday, and he made no mention of any delays and that my window is still mid-August to September.
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    Adventure vs Explore Trim - can't decide

    I hope you meant Adventure...
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    Qmerit to Provide Home Charger Installations For Rivian Owners

    This is what my Guide told me. They will facilitate if you need, but you are free to have your own electrician.
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    Rivian Story: Camp Kitchen

    Messed up yo...
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    It's July 1, who get's a delivery this month?

    Could be. Since we have 0 deliveries, and no confirmed delivery dates, we're all just guessing.
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    Canadian delivery timeframe

    I just now noticed the thread was Canadian!
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    Canadian delivery timeframe

    That was from my conversation with my Guide.
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    Canadian delivery timeframe

    While you are technically correct, they have stated that your service availability is tied to a service center, ipso facto, service center proximity is a factor in delivery timing.
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    Real Rivian Photos & Videos

    That window frame looks a little... skewed... RJ must have beat the crap out of that mule!
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    Several Concerns

    Sure, anything is possible. Official support from Rivian, however, isn't likely.
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    Several Concerns

    They don't/won't have a plan to swap/upgrade the pack and keep the truck running. They do/will have a plan for the second life of the batteries.
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    More Guide Contacts Trickling in...

    Normal, IL. They don't have a factory in Michigan.
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    Rivian Guide Contacted Finally! (For Real) 📬

    This is what I was told directly by several Rivian employees.
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    Rivian Guide Contacted Finally! (For Real) 📬

    Excellent recap. It closely resembles my conversation as well (I didn't learn anything new either, but it sure did quiet that small doubt that had crept into the back of my mind). All of the Guides seem genuinely happy and excited to bring these products to market and put them in customer's hands.