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  1. aAlpine

    RJ Scaringe posts video: Steep Climb @ Moab by R1S

    Sick video!!! Looks like they've made lots of progress on the traction control software since the very first Arizona ("To The Max") off-roading video released over a year ago now. I see the R1S outfitted with the rock rails. I hope those are included in the "Off-Road Upgrade" in the...
  2. aAlpine

    Real Rivian Photos & Videos

    What's going on this a webcam duct taped to the sideview mirror??! Is Rivian trolling us now? 😂
  3. aAlpine

    Max Pack range coming......I know, I know....soon?

    This is similar to what Tesla did in Canada. Our (minimal) incentives stipulated a max base price (and also another, slightly higher, max price for optioned car), so Tesla created a 93-mile range software locked model for this purpose...
  4. aAlpine

    Canadian showrooms

    Not just an office for software development? Rivian has a number of staff and open positions listed in Vancouver, and Yaletown is a popular office spot.
  5. aAlpine

    Rivian’s Bellevue service center - first look

    Great timing! Nice to have caught this moment!!
  6. aAlpine

    Kayak/Canoe problem foreseen!

    The bed rails on the Gladiator here alone look to be no longer than the roof, so I fail to see the need in this case, with short kayaks. Long canoes, yes, I agree with OP, it would be great to have the extra support of using the roof rack points AND an elevated bed rack with matching height.
  7. aAlpine

    INTERIOR feature / details just posted at

    USB-C all around is a nice surprise. For those stuck in the old times, there's the 12V plug for your own charger.
  8. aAlpine

    Will all Rivians start as 2022 Model Year?

    Also the base price was originally going to be the smallest battery pack, but is now the mid-sized pack (what they're calling "large" now in the configurator).
  9. aAlpine

    The “Coming Soon, stay tuned” list

    Don't get your hopes up. There's a TON of old prototype pictures still up on As just one simple example, the later R1T models have a 1-piece rear window, but that's not the case with the very first top photo here:
  10. aAlpine

    British Columbia

    Vancouver Island here myself, but in non COVID times I'm on the mainland somewhat frequently. Unsurprisingly, looks like there's quite the concentration of us around here, hopefully that means prioritized Canadian deliveries :D Blue (or maybe yellow? or red? can't decide!) R1T, Black interior.
  11. aAlpine

    R1S Delivery Begins in August (Per Rivian Customer Service Today)

    If you asked CS yesterday when R1T deliveries would be, as some people did, you'd get the now incorrect answer of "starting in June". Just a grain of salt.
  12. aAlpine

    Crossbars officially confirmed to be locking!

    @godfodder0901 , I think that screenshot is just referring to the snowboard/ski rack only: (which is a great product BTW, I love mine!)
  13. aAlpine

    Crossbars officially confirmed to be locking!

    This was a worry of mine, so I'm excited to see the crossbars are locking! I wonder what sort of key this is. With the Yakima partnership, it would be really cool if it's using their Same Key System (SKS): From this one picture, it does look like it's...
  14. aAlpine

    New updates! July deliveries, August test drives, off road package now optional on Launch Edition, gear added to configurator

    If you have the option, I'd suggest US delivery. You'll get it faster, and the cost will almost certainly be less. My current R1T configuration in USD: $91k, in CAD: $122k. That's a > $11k CAD upcharge based on today's exchange rates! Not to mention the numerous additional taxes and zero EV...
  15. aAlpine

    Canadians, does your Rivian account show USD or CAD?

    If you reserve a R1T or R1S today and live in Canada, the website lists CAD pricing and you pay your deposit also in CAD. I ordered early 2019, and paid the USD deposit. I've heard that some accounts were converted over to CAD at a later date, but mine was not. Did I just get missed? I'm...
  16. aAlpine

    What will we learn 5/24 - 5/30?

    I predict we will see the interior "story" posted to the Rivian blog. It will contain mostly the information we already know, have some new pictures, but they'll all be very similar to the prototype photos we've already seen for the last 2 years (which is good IMO!). Maybe they'll mention the...
  17. aAlpine

    Tinted Windows?

    Forever ago now, I was told by a Rivian Engineer they made the R1T rear glass curved specifically to avoid reflections on the infotainment screens. Maybe this made it too hard to have a sliding window that opens.
  18. aAlpine

    Electric F150 Lightning EV to be revealed May 19

    I agree they're made up or putting it nicely, predicted numbers. I believe the reason they sound too good to be true is because they indeed they are for today's technology. Tesla is betting on battery prices to drop significantly between now and when the CT actually becomes available, in part...
  19. aAlpine

    New R1T video discovered w/ tow and frunk footage

    Where/how did you find this? I haven't seen it anywhere else. Accidentally made public video? No audio, and what is "B Log Tow" and "B Log Frunk"?
  20. aAlpine

    What will we learn on Thursday? A Predictions Thread...

    Where/how did you find this? I haven't seen it anywhere else. Accidentally made public video? No audio, and what is "B Log Tow" and "B Log Frunk"?