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    Real Rivian Photos & Videos

    Here you go Jim…feel better?
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    R1S shuttles Blue Origin passengers to Shephard launch pad [pics & video]

    No they had that covered @skyote…
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    1st deliveries in November says my Rivian Guide. Communication from RJ expected today

    I think the lack of string lights on the camp kitchen has already dented the IPO $5 Billion.
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    RJ Scaringe: first Rivian R1T deliveries delayed from July 2021 until September

    I’d say @Gshenderson ’s peashooter portrait on page 5 is a gem!
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    1st deliveries in November says my Rivian Guide. Communication from RJ expected today

    All I care about is if I can do a tank turn with the camp kitchen fully extended and 76 Nathan’s hot dogs lined up on the grill perpendicular to the truck?
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    Video: Rivian in paint shop - posted by RJ Scaringe 🎉

    If the yellow paint on the brake calipers matched the Compass Yellow body color, you would have a winner there, but from what I can tell from the horrible configurator, one is French’s Mustard and the other one Beer Mustard—it’s not a good combo.
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    Real Rivian Photos & Videos

    Nah, I think this has to do with the new insurance Rivian is offering where the Snapshot from Progressive plugs in…
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    Still getting ready…

    …@pea, …. I’ll give you points for knowing fine art when you see it. (And I hope your Rivian has no loose bolts or misaligned doors). Cheers!
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    Over Under on how many R1S and R1Ts are delivered in 2021

    I’ll also take that bet and offer @peashooter a free tooth extraction if more Plaids catch fire than Rivian’s delivered…OPNWIDE!!!
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    Real Rivian Photos & Videos

    Yes, full vehilce Xpel PPF on an SUV is around $7k. +/-
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    Real Rivian Photos & Videos

    Sky, I did it myself. I bought this Duraslic 1500 extreme based on this video from Pan the Organizer (not a big fan of this guy but he's informative). He shows how to prep paint and apply. A bit pricey for the bottle, but I have enough left over for a second small vehicle. I have been very...
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    Rivian Story: Camp Kitchen

    I left the campfire when they turned off the Country music and started playing "Wham, Wake Me Up Before You Go Go!"
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    Real Rivian Photos & Videos

    R1S looking good...first thing I'll do is ceramic coat all that plastic door cladding and trim. I've done it personally on two vehicles I own (although not with this much plastic) and it works really well, not only on the paint, but plastic as well, and is so easy to apply. Great UV...
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    It's July 1, who get's a delivery this month?

    Well said both @hed and @RWerksman! Better wash the Rivian Polo on cold, delicate cycle, and hang dry to make it last a while. Rivian will get there, but it’s gonna take some time. I’m still patiently waiting…and still a fan.
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    Holiday Weekend Cooking

    Wishing you all a fantastic 4th of July weekend cooking whatever on whatever…
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    Camp Kitchen shown off by RJ

    Greg, you should wait until the “Camp Kitchen Smoker” comes out where you drive around all day not rolling coal, but “Rolling Wood”…the Tomahawk Chop will taste better than induction anyway!