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    Camp Kitchen Frustrations? Anyone else?

    Honestly, I hard disagree that the camp kitchen did anything to hamper Rivian's delivery timeline, or honestly was anything but a great idea by them. And lets be real here, they released 1 story (which talked about a camping trip) and 1 3 minute video on the kitchen. Of course we have "full"...
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    RJ Scaringe: first Rivian R1T deliveries delayed from July 2021 until September

    Obviously this sucks to hear, but I'm still very excited to get my R1T. Hopefully with this the ramp up the communication a bit, since that was explicitly called out, but otherwise an extra 3 months (from original June) is not going to change my thoughts that we will be getting some awesome...
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    More Guide Contacts Trickling in...

    You may get a line forming... with me in it too!
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    INTERIOR feature / details just posted at

    I'm hoping that the inside is bigger then these numbers are making it seem - especially considering one of their original goals was to allow you to take 4-5 adults on your adventures with you. Hopefully big enough that most adults are comfortable for a few hours at a time IMO
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    INTERIOR feature / details just posted at

    I'm also really liking the extra open space in the center. Seems like a great place to store a bag when commuting to/from work if the passenger seat has someone in it - though maybe that is just me and my habit of always putting my backpack in the passenger seat now. All of this looks good -...
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    INTERIOR feature / details just posted at

    Yeah, that along with the wireless charging and 4G hotspot will be really nice for long road trip - allowing for remote work.
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    Rivian will share details on R1T interior next week

    I agree - definitely excited to see what comes out over the next couple days. There are quite a few little things that I want to see more of - as you said with the bluetooth speaker and the flashlight, it will be great to get some details on those. Also, just to get some good views of what the...
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    Test Drives!

    With one of their first stops being SF, I will plan on going to a tour when I can. Depending on timing I'll actually probably try both, as it seems the at-home will let you really explore the truck.
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    Which accessories are you configuring?

    As of now, I've added the cross bars, floor mats, and the camp kitchen. For those of you who have used Yakima's snowboard/ski rack (or any others), what are your thoughts on them? Those would be the main other add-on I would consider at this point
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    So there is a Delay in Deliveries. Launch Edition starts July

    I doubt they actually fully out lied to us - June was set over a year ago at this point - or, at least pretty close - and I bet they really did think they could hit it. Now if/when they hit July, they will end up being 1 month off, which IMO means they were actually pretty close to what they...
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    Snow Peak Kitchen Set Price Value

    I was not expecting to get that type of camping equipment with the kitchen. I honestly was pretty happy with just the kitchen as is - even if it is a bit pricey. The integration with the gear tunnel, extra water, and what I hope to be a nice induction stove had me sold pretty quickly and I think...