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    Tesla to open Supercharger network to other EVs

    AS I mentioned months ago - I'm a Tesla owner and Rivian LE holder. I'd gladly pay 3x the normal SC rates to use a Supercharger for the Rivian the few times I'd need it!
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    Real Rivian Photos & Videos

    Saw these guys on my bike ride today near Woodside, CA. They were not in a talkative mood... maybe because I mentioned every Tom, Dick and Harry has access to the F-150 Lightning and there are a ton of videos. Three guys inside - hardly wanted me to even take a pic.
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    Lordstown Motors Has Been Faking Orders, Is Actually 3-4 Years From Production: Research Firm

    Check this out... nice work if you can get it!! "In connection with the separations of Mr. Burns and Mr. Rodriguez, the Company and each of Mr. Burns and Mr. Rodriguez entered into Separation and Release Agreements. Mr. Burns’ Separation and Release Agreement provides for continued base salary...
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    Electric F150 Lightning EV to be revealed May 19

    Not sure where this nugget came from. Seems totally inaccurate. I didn't put down $500 nor did I get to choose any trim level or battery size... Ford F-150 Lightning ‘beyond expectations’ Paladino’s excitement is warranted, considering that tallied 70,000 reservations for the...
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    What will we learn 6/7 - 6/13?

    We’ll learn that there will be very little new information this week but much more ‘soon’!
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    Do I really need the Max Pack?

    I’m pretty sure Elon is only saying that because the new batteries are not ready. Typical Elon..
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    F-150 Hybrid charges a dead Electric motorcycle in the bed while driving

    This is awesome. The F150 charged the dead electric Zero motorcycle to 93% charge while in the bed of the truck during the 90 min drive. This will be great for future electric dirt bikes or those that have an Alta. I sure hope Rivian has something similar.
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    Thoughts on removal of Off Road Upgrade

    What happened to the winch?
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    EVgo is behind on charger installations for GM, grounds for agreement termination
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    New updates! July deliveries, August test drives, off road package now optional on Launch Edition, gear added to configurator

    The CT will need to have the new 4680 Tesla batteries. That means they need to ramp up the new line to produce these. My feeling is we are still at least nine months to a year away from these batteries and the CT shipping in production.
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    Thoughts on removal of Off Road Upgrade

    No mention on the winch... boooo
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    If the official EPA range is....

    True, we do know that the EPA MME range has been pretty much accurate - not like the EPA Tesla range.
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    If the official EPA range is....

    Two friends have LE reservations and not on this board. Both have F150 reservations and are so close to dropping their Rivian spots, getting their deposit back and buying the Ford. They been looking more and more at the Ford trucks this week and are envisioning owning one. Whatever you’re doing...
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    If the official EPA range is....

    ... disappointing (like 270) does that mean LE reservation holders will: a) jump ship and order a F-150 Lightning b) cancel their LE and wait for the Max Pack c) shrug and be annoyed but keep their LE spot d) hope Rivian offers to swap their reservation for a newly announced Max Pack LE !!
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    What will we learn 5/24 - 5/30?

    Three days and counting...
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    The “Coming Soon, stay tuned” list

    Four days and counting…