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    Tesla Fans

    Thankfully I've only needed to take it in a total of 3 times over 3 years (I do my tire rotations at home) and 2 of those were in the first 2 months. The 3rd time I drove it to down to RI to get serviced as it would have been a month or longer to get service around Boston. On the first 2...
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    Tesla Fans

    Tesla has, what I'd classify, as a number of different factions of its supporters. In the lead up to the Model 3 launch/ramp up in 2017-2018 there was such a wide and varied assortment of folks on the Tesla Motors Club forums. Tesla had somehow managed to collect : * Eco-concious...
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    New updates! July deliveries, August test drives, off road package now optional on Launch Edition, gear added to configurator

    You beat me by 3 minutes! I just got that "check the Rivian stories" email myself and rushed to the forums to share 😅
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    Rivian R1S and R1T vs Tesla Model X and Y -- Detailed Comparison Matrix

    1) Thanks Mods for making the thread title better 2) I was happy to see this comparison list the EPA as well as the "real world" as Telsa has a very large discrepancy with all of their cars between their EPA numbers and their real-world highway numbers. It's really quite frustrating because...
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    Rivian R1S and R1T vs Tesla Model X and Y -- Detailed Comparison Matrix

    Saw this on Reddit that user `citiz3nfiv3` did a super detailed comparison, so I thought I'd share it more broadly. Comparison: Credit where credit is due - Source:
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    The Competition Spotted - GMC Hummer EV

    If this report is to be believed the Hummer pickup will weigh over 9,000lbs!! :oops::oops: I know batteries are heavy, but at what point do you need a better class of license to drive something this big?
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    Who is Buying This Vehicle?

    We're hopefully getting a R1S as we're a growing family that will need to fit 3 car seats and gear but not wanting to drive an ICE leaves few options. I had hopes that that refresh of the Model X would make it viable for us, but Tesla is decidedly going in the opposite direction of my...
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    EV charging in the US is broken: Verge article

    Generally I agree. The v2 Superchargers and "knowing which stall to pick to not share power" is not something the mainstream will tolerate. The backstory for folks not familiar is, that with the v2 generation of SCs a pair of chargers share a 150kW feed, and if you had 2 cars parked next to...
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    Real Rivian Photos & Videos

    I really don't understand what they were thinking with the charge port on the front like that. It looks a little goofy in the first, head on pic. I feel like a standard hinge instead of the 360 spin whatever it does would have been "fine" and potentially looked less weird and prone to issues...
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    The Competition Spotted - GMC Hummer EV

    Honest question, isn't the "crab walk" just 4-wheel steering? A neat technology, but not "new" per-say. Chevy (GM) had it in the early 2000's on the Silverado, but apparently it didn't sell well. Seem's they've done a better job selling 4-wheel steering this time with marketing it as a "crab...
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    How long is "longer range" R1S - any intel?

    I would absolutely pay to have a larger battery. I pay for many other conveniences in life, this is no different, just a larger absolute cost than most other items. My rational is that I routinely get ~60-70% of the rated range on my 2018 Model 3 LR. I run snows in the winter, and wider...
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    New jobs posted today providing insight into Rivian's summer test drive tour plans

    I could see them having a few teams. My personal speculation would be 1 week per city, but with multiple teams so they can cover the necessary cities Yea I share similar concerns about when this will translate to the Tour starting, but to look on the bright side it gives us a decent look into...
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    What will we learn on Thursday? A Predictions Thread...

    Stranahan's is excellent and delightful surprise discovery when killing time when I was last in Denver. It's now one of my favorites :like: On topic - Rivian is still very tight-lipped which is frustrating, but I expect that they _will_ release information before deliveries to customers...
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    What will you name your Rivian?

    sevengroove, svet-am - Happy to see others going down the Witcher and Geralt naming track :like: . Witcher 3 was excellent and ranks up there as one of my favorite games of all time. I was trying to come up with some joke on how often Geralt grunts but that is proving hard and perhaps too far of...
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    Did I read this right? Pre-orders to begin near Thanksgiving?

    I guess I'm in the opposite situation from many here :whew: as I'm happy to wait out the first year of production and await my Max pack R1S sometime in 2022. Our 3rd kiddo (if all goes to plan) should arrive sometime in mid/late 2022 which is driving our need for a 3-row. I'm happy you all are...
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    Did I read this right? Pre-orders to begin near Thanksgiving?

    I got the same email @BigE. I imagine you're in the same boat as me and have a pre-order for a non-Launch Edition R1T/R1S which is slated for initial deliveries in Jan 2022. Assuming that the timeline of Thanksgiving -> Jan seems reasonable to me at first glance.
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    Whats the R1T/R1S expected Reliability?

    CR's ratings of Rivian align with the pattern of Tesla. New manufacturer, even one that is testing as much as it looks like Rivian is, will likely have some snags, yet early customers won't care. They're likely being _kind_ and giving Rivian some benefit of the doubt with giving a 2/5 instead...
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    RJ posts Rivian winter testing video

    I too have noticed that RJ/Rivian have gotten a lot more active over the past month. Seems to be on a reasonably steady cadence and of usually the same format of teaser-esk content. Perhaps this is part of building the excitement in advance of deliveries in a few months? Personally, if that...
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    RJ posts Rivian winter testing video

    Yea, agreed. I'm not really that concerned, as noted there are plenty of reasons for him to be sitting closer than "normal". I've seen the Shaq video too, which was the first thing I thought of actually. "I know Shaq fits in this thing, why is he sitting this way?" On a different note, that...
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    RJ posts Rivian winter testing video

    Does RJ look a little cramped? I believe he's tallish (6' I think I saw mentioned, but can't find the source now) but his knees look higher than I'd expect for such a large and spacious vehicle.