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    Do I really need the Max Pack?

    I think I read through most of the posts on this thread and I don't think I saw any consideration of power needed while you're out-and-about camping. E.g., powering the kitchen, lights, other camping gear you might need. I know this will be heavily dependent on what you might need power for...
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    Video: Rivian Mules Spotted in Canyons - Showing Nice Acceleration and Body Roll

    I've been seeing some R1Ts around where I live (Southern California), but lately there have been more and more R1S mules around too. I spotted this one while getting lunch. The interior looked finished (and with an ethernet cable sticking out of the dash.) I didn't dare take picture of the...
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    R1T off-road testing in Arizona with some 2 wheel and hill descent control action - posted by RJ Scaringe

    My guess is that since they're going downhill, they're trailing the brakes. So when the wheel is in the air, it doesn't take much brake pressure to stop a wheel from spinning. It seems the brake lights are also on so that's my guess.
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    Two More R1T Prototypes Spotted, Including Matte Black Wrapped

    Having seen the black-wrapped truck drive past me in Costa Mesa, CA, I drove to where Google said the Irvine, CA Rivian office is in hopes of finding an R1T. I couldn't initially find it, but as I was leaving this wrapped truck pulled in and then reversed out and left (see the bright reverse...