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    New updates! July deliveries, August test drives, off road package now optional on Launch Edition, gear added to configurator

    I am pleasantly surprised by the cost of the crossbars, $450 for the pair.
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    Sizing up the R1T - Exterior dimensions, specs, details and updates!

    Here we go again… talking about wet dampers and dampening tailgates…
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    Anybody want to sell their reservation for the launch edition?

    Or your recently divorced wife who just remarried, changed her name, moved in with the new guy, got a new phone number, AND got the R1T preorder in the divorce... I would assume they need to honor that. Writing that just gave me that chills and might give me nightmares. Sorry.
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    What will we learn on Thursday? A Predictions Thread...

    Just in time! Check your email.
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    Home charger location: what would you do?

    I'm thinking about doing Pavers. My current commute is 80 miles roundtrip so I am expecting to charge nightly.
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    Home charger location: what would you do?

    I'm struggling with this as well. My "two car" garage only fits one car (barely) and would leave my R1T with just 3-6 inches total space (front and back from the drywall to the brackets on the garage door). Also concerned about the kids grabbing something from the garage and hitting the car. We...
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    Rivian Images - interesting tidbits & Launch Green !?

    I think you might be on to something! It looks different than than the olive green primer we've seen and I agree it doesn't make sense to have an unpainted body right behind a painted one on the same line.
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    Vent, B!tch & Moaning for the mis-"Guided"

    I agree! I wonder if PT will send me a bottle...
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    Vent, B!tch & Moaning for the mis-"Guided"

    I hate to admit this but when I just saw this picture I thought that was motor oil. It took me a couple of seconds too long to ask myself why the hell would they need motor oil in a BEV...
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    Driver +.. Deal Breaker ?

    Anyone know how the system (or others like it) deal with sunglasses?
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    Launch Green - Come on Rivian, Pictures Please!

    Same, I hope LG isn't that brown primer. I like the idea of limited edition run of LG but not enough to pick the brown over the FG. I know LG is based on the primer and RJ liked so much he had them add that as a color but I can't imagine the brown is LG. At least I am hopeful that we haven't...
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    Overhead (drone) and underbody video of a charging R1T

    Not sure I agree with that logic, if my vehicle is unlocked, let's say I'm waiting in the driveway for my (always running late) wife or kids to get their shoes on (which seems to take longer every day) I don't want them to come out and not be able to get into the car unless I hit unlock again...
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    [Video added] Forest Green R1T @ Georgia Capitol Building to support HB460 (direct to consumer sales)

    I think the comment was about the gear tunnel. Looks like the button unlatches it but you need to pull it open.
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    Real Rivian Photos & Videos

    The more FG I see the more I think I may switch. I'll keep waiting but that green is so nice. I can't see how Launch Green is going to be nicer.
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    Rivian confirms POWERED tailgate has now been KILLED

    Based on the video Rivian just put out on their youtube channel, looks like one of those driver side buttons on the rear of the bed rail electronically releases the tailgate and that it lowers automatically (dampened).
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    Rivian Official Video: The Long Weekend Wyoming

    Agreed! I just hope it is remotely releasable. Can't imagine that isn't something that is doable via software.
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    RJ posts Rivian winter testing video

    Agreed! I also hope they clean up that dash, it looks like an engineering UI I would throw together for testing. I hope it will be much more polished in the final version.
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    Overhead (drone) and underbody video of a charging R1T

    I would like to see more control on the tonneau cover to easily open it partially. Of course you could do it with one but would prefer two. Half press and hold opens/closes until you let go and a quick full press auto open/closes. Similar to auto open/close windows.
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    Overhead (drone) and underbody video of a charging R1T

    Yep, completely forget about that. You're probably right. Wonder what those dots are on the top of the tailgate. Almost looks like parking sensors they usually have in bumpers. Wonder if there are some sensors for if the bed is down but that seems like overkill (and too many). Probably just...