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    Over Under on how many R1S and R1Ts are delivered in 2021

    I could certainly see this! Production curves are exponential.
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    When is more detail on Driver+ going to come out?

    I have advanced AutoPilot on my Tesla, so it changes lanes on the highway by itself. It’s one of my most favorite features about the car. Agree that phantom braking is a big pain in the a$$, and that FSD is a cash grab for now. I just picked up a new GM vehicle this week with Supercruise which...
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    INTERIOR feature / details just posted at

    Great comparison to the Model S. Whenever I've had it as a loaner I miss that center console. Do like the open space on the Rivian center for you phone which always bugged me in the S.
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    INTERIOR feature / details just posted at

    That front screen with the Climate menu displayed is very Tesla-esque. Good for me personally, but know others might struggle vs traditional vents.
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    What will we learn 6/7 - 6/13?

    The building is equipped with tank turn to pivot away from the sun... :cool:
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    Rivian Guide Contacted Finally! (For Real) 📬

    I'm willing to take one for the team and pound some Whiteclaws with RJ to sort this whole thing out. :cool:
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    Tesla Fans

    Some irony for me since I put my deposit on the Rivian in 2018 and bought my Tesla in 2019. Agree with the other posters that the loud minority ruins the reputation of Tesla owners. I’m the first to own up to my dislikes when friends or families ask me about my Tesla, but I unquestionably love...
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    Do I really need the Max Pack?

    Living with a Tesla the past few years, I would pay up for range whenever possible. Living in the MidWest, cold weather is such a range zap making even small road trips a real challenge. I did a 250 mile round trip and with cold temps and wind had to charge twice to make the trip. That's with...
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    Rivian Guide Contacted Finally! (For Real) 📬

    Just an example of where communication makes a difference. This time last year I bought a fancy bike helmet off of kickstarter. I was supposed to receive it by end of last year. Along the way the company sent regular emails confirming size and color, noting the progress with tooling, etc...
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    New updates! July deliveries, August test drives, off road package now optional on Launch Edition, gear added to configurator

    Making the off-road package an option is interesting. Read an article that the new EV credits will max at a sticker of 80K, so maybe that’s driving some of the decision. Be cautious when you finalize that configurator in 2025! :p
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    What will we learn 5/24 - 5/30?

    Fell into a trap today. My wife asked about the status of the Rivian and I said, “Don’t know, probably getting delayed”. To which she responded, “Good, I want to buy some furniture.” FML.
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    4.4s 0-60 MPH For 2022 F-150 Lightning EV

    Left is Banner without the Hulk
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    Class/Category of R1S

    Spot on! I think when I was doing my chart I was trying to price in the same range as the R1S, but 100% the Rover is the benchmark.
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    Class/Category of R1S

    Little chart I put together comparing more to lux crossovers, but threw the latest Tahoe in at the bottom as well.
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    Anybody heard from a guide yet?

    You sir live in a great state, with a great name. And I like where your heads at!
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    MT article comparing R1S vs. HumS vs. TesX

    100% most of the Hummer dimensions they quoted are from the Truck and not the SUV.
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    Anyone from Ohio?

    Hi Fellow Buckeyes! I'm in CBUS as well. R1S reservation holder from Nov 2018. I also had the opportunity to go to the pre-order event in NYC back in April 2019 which just further solidified my excitement for this brand. Looking forward to giving the rest of you a Rivian wave when I see you...
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    What’s your go-to Rivian video to show others.

    Had to shorten the clip a bit, but this one I took from the NYC event in Apr 2019 usually gets people's attention!