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    6-14 Through 6-21 What will we learn
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    What will we learn 6/14 - 6/20?

    Rivian is doing the exact same thing as any other manufacturer. Go on Toyota or Ford's website and look at the models and color selections, you'll find that everything is a rendering. People have noted in other threads that there have been slight changes in the renderings on Rivian's site over...
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    Amazon Officially Starts Deliveries With Rivian Vans

    Interesting. Seems to be a case study by an outside UI/UX design house called Vectorform. Explains the inconsistencies in the design language and renderings.
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    Amazon Officially Starts Deliveries With Rivian Vans

    I don't think these vans have beaten the R1T to market. Whatever vans are being used for testing for deliveries are probably at the same pre-production level as the camo-wrapped R1Ts on the road.
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    Amazon Officially Starts Deliveries With Rivian Vans

    Outline kind of looks like an R1T... I see areas for frunk, front seats, rear bench, gear tunnel, and truck bed... Not sure what an Adventure Pod is, but it looks like this either Amazon is now delivering Kayaks to Tahoe in their Rivian Vans, or parts of the UI will be reused by Rivian...
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    Rivain R1T vs Ford Lightning F-150

    The Ford in those videos was a press vehicle that was making laps in a parking lot. Its range remaining was probably biased high because of the low speed it had traveled.
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    Rivian VIN Decoder 🔐

    Payload includes your passengers.
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    Rivian VIN Decoder 🔐

    If we go off of the 1,760 lb payload that was previously reported, the R1T could weigh as much as 6,241-7,240 lbs. That payload is no longer listed on their website, so who knows if it's still accurate. EDIT: Customer Service just confirmed to me that the payload of the R1T is "1,764 lbs". This...
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    "deliveries this Summer..." why is the Press using this phrase so frequently now?

    Car and Driver consistently gets even basic facts wrong and InsideEVs reposts stuff from this forum. Wouldn't read too much into the semantics of anything they write.
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    Latch system & anchor points for child seat / boosters in R1S SUV

    Lol customer service can't tell me what the R1S curb weight is, but is out here emailing CAD files of seats?
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    EV charging in the US is broken: Verge article

    The walled garden will start biting Tesla in the ass as soon as V2 and V3 Superchargers don't seem that great compared to the competition. The V2 Superchargers with 150kW are middle of the road now, in two years it could be the bare minimum. The V3 Superchargers with 250kW can't keep pace if...
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    Electric F150 Lightning EV to be revealed May 19

    It's hard to compete with the Tesla CyberTruck numbers because they're just completely made up. The Dual Motor version has "300+ miles range", accelerates to 60 in "<4.5s", and costs "$49,900"... that's the same or better performance for less money than the Model Y Long Range. I'm imagining that...
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    R1T bed length

    You're within 2cm of fitting diagonally in the bed... Maybe with the tips in the corner and the tails resting up on a bag it will fit?
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    Electric F150 Lightning EV to be revealed May 19

    Tesla's connector is far from technically superior. By some estimates, it may max out at around 300kW because of limitations with its contacts (pins in the connector). CCS1 can go to a theoretical maximum of 500kW with a 1000V vehicle and 500A cable. The new Megawatt Charging Standard developed...
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    At what volume do you predict the CyberTruck will surpass R1S?

    Factory is massive, but it will be producing Model 3, Model Y, Semi, and CyberTruck.
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    At what volume do you predict the CyberTruck will surpass R1S?

    I highly doubt that CyberTrucks will be rolling out in any volume even in 2022... The new factory is just starting construction in Texas. For the ramped production of the Model 3, the factory was already built... and we all know how well that rollout went. I'm predicting the CT will go the way...
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    New R1T video discovered w/ tow and frunk footage

    This Patagonia bag looked familiar... Looks like this could be some footage from the Texas to California journey over the past couple weeks with the Max Pack R1T that Bajadahl saw in Austin.
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    Real Rivian Photos & Videos

    The AC to DC power conversion in most DC Fast chargers is air cooled and within the dispenser. I'm not sure about Tesla, but they could have liquid cooled power modules (similar to ChargePoint CPE250) and I think their power conversion is in a separate power cabinet farther away. These EA...
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    V2H Bi-Directional Charging

    The charger you posted uses CHAdeMO and won't be compatible with the CCS1 port on Rivians. As far as I know, there are no bi-directional CCS1 chargers available because the vehicles and the charging standard don't support it yet.